What To Expect

Zip World Snowdonia is a guided adventure experience – customers should allow (approximately) 2 hours for the full experience – largely outdoors. ZipWorld Map Zip World is a first for the UK, and offers visitors a totally unique and world-class experience as they fly for over a mile through the skies. The site contains two specially constructed and amazing zip lines.

The ‘little zipper’ first will take you down to the bottom of the quarry, reaching speeds of up to 40mph, for some people, the activity can be challenging! However, participation in the Little Zipper first provides some useful progression.

Here you will then pick up your specialised vehicle for a magnificent quarry tour in what was once the largest slate quarry in the world, before then zip lining back down the ‘big zipper’ for a mile, reaching speeds up to 100mph.

Participants will be supplied with a flying suit to wear that is wind and shower proof. Helmets and goggles will also be supplied. It is essential to bring warm clothing and a waterproof coat (and ideally waterproof trousers).

Footwear must be fitted securely. Walking boots are ideal. Harnesses contain a secure pocket for wallets and small cameras. The zip lining experience requires very little physical effort on the part of participants; however, an ability to walk 200 metres on a track, wearing a harness, is necessary.

Zip World is able to offer the experience to people with a wide range of disabilities – given appropriate notice.

A Journey Through Time The Zip World Experience is located in the most dramatic of settings – Penrhyn Quarry which is nestled amongst the mountains of north Wales. The Zip Lines are located in part of the quarry that has been decommissioned for ten years and already flora and fauna are reappearing. The rides provide a bird’s-eye view of 200 years of history, the working quarry and the spectacular north wales coast including Anglesey and on a clear day even the Isle of Man. History has and continues to be made in Penrhyn Quarry.

  • It was once the largest slate quarry in the world
  • The first operations (in North Wales) using general anaesthetic were successfully performed in the quarry hospital
  • It was where the first zip lines were built more than 100 years ago to extract rock (these were known as Blondins after the famous tightrope walker)
  • Infamously it is where the longest dispute (strike) in British Industrial History took place
  • Today we have the longest and fastest zip lines in Europe

From the end of the Short Zipper to the start of the Long Zipper you will be transported by means of a specially adapted off road vehicle. Along the journey there is evidence of an industrious past which your professional drivers will bring to life and they will astound you with their knowledge and compelling stories.