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Hire a Headcam

Do you want to relive your experience forever? Well now you can!

We've teamed up with Garmin so we can offer the Garmin VIRB headcam on Velocity and Titan

What better way to re-live your Velocity or Titan experience than capturing it on a HD headcam that you can edit and share with friends and family. 
Not only does it capture the footage you want, but you can add GPS and performance data, so you can see just how fast you were going! 


Garmin headcam hire

Edit and share your video

Once you get home with your footage, head to the Garmin website to find out how to edit your video and download your VIRB edit software.

Hire cost

£19 per camera which includes a free micro SD card that captures your footage for you to take away. Please see the lease agreement for full information, including deposit and return.


You can now book ahead too!

You can now book these online as an extra on selected adventures so order your camera at the same time that you book your adventure to avoid disappointment!

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