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Why not try Titan 2 instead.

You can fly Zip World’s Big Red at the Trafford Centre this Winter

Zip World’s mobile zip line (which happens to be the biggest mobile zip line in the world!) is now based at the famous Manchester Trafford Centre, and is open every day until January the 5th 2022. Our helpful team are on-site throughout the day and ready to take walk-ons, so don’t worry about pre-booking.


What is Big Red?

Big Red is our mobile zip line, with 2 parallel lines, meaning 2 people can zip at once and race to the end! It’s 30ft tall, and up to 300ft long


How old do you have to be to go on Big Red?

Anyone ages 5 and above, and weighing between 20kg and 80kg can try Big Red.


How much is it?

Big Red costs just £10, and with your ticket, you get 2 goes. This isn’t transferrable between people however.


How do I book?

You don’t! You can turn up on the day and pay via the AirStream vehicle on site. Here you will pay and sign your waiver.


Where is it?

Big Red is outside the great hall, so head on over to say hi!

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The latest on wearing face coverings at Zip World’s indoor and underground spaces

- last updated on the 31st August 2021 -


With the latest Welsh Government guidance seeing an ease in restrictions, we've been receiving lots of questions about our rules surrounding wearing face coverings in the indoor and underground spaces of our sites. So, here's a handy little guide for you to take a look at so that you can come prepared. The vast majority of our adventuring is done outdoors.

Our non-compulsory mask spaces are so because they are considered indoor public hospitality spaces.
Our compulsory mask spaces are so because they are considered indoor public spaces or public transport.

We ask that you please still respect social distancing guidelines and we will also be keeping our hand sanitisation stations around site for you to use frequently.




Zip World Penrhyn Quarry (North Wales)

Check-in                                          Compulsory
Blondin Restaurant  Non-compulsory but recommended
Gift shop Compulsory
Restrooms Compulsory
Skyline bulding (where you wait to go on the zip) Compulsory
Kit-up (if indoors due to rain) Compulsory
Truck journey to top of mountain  Compulsory
Zipping platforms Non-compulsory but recommended



Zip World Fforest (North Wales)

Check-in                                                                Compulsory
Fforest Caffi and Fforest Coffi Non-compulsory but recommended
Restrooms Compulsory


Zip World Llechwedd (North Wales)

Check-in                                                               Compulsory
Cafe Non-compulsory but recommended
Restrooms Compulsory
Deep Mine Tour Compulsory
Bounce Below Compulsory
Caverns Compulsory
Truck journey to top of zips and quarry tour Compulsory
Deep mine, Caverns and Bounce Below kit-up Compulsory
Gift shop Compulsory


Zip World Tower (South Wales)

Check-in                                                               Compulsory
Cegin Glo Bar & Bistro Non-compulsory but recommended
Restrooms Compulsory
Gift shop Compulsory
Minibus journey to the top of Phoenix zip line Compulsory
Tower Coaster boarding platform Compulsory

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Zip World Introduces a 3rd Adventure to the Penrhyn Quarry Site

The latest Zip World adventure is now open at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, North Wales, which is both a junior zip lining adventure, and an alternative for those who aren’t quite ready to take on the bigger zips just yet. The Quarry Flyer is Zip World’s 16th adventure, and the 3rd on the Penrhyn Quarry site, helping to shape the company as one of UK’s top adventure destinations.

Book here

About the adventure

With each ticket, you enjoy 2 zip lines. The first starts at the top of our terrace, with stunning views of Penrhyn Quarry, the quarry lake, and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond. You’ll fly approximately 100m to the first landing platform, where you will be clipped into the next zip line by one of our experienced instructors. You’ll then fly another 100m down to the ending platform to de-kit from your harness. Each zip zone has 2 parallel zip lines, meaning you and a friend can fly at the same time.

How long does the Quarry Flyer take?

From checking in to de-kitting, you should allow 45 minutes to complete this adventure.

How much is a ticket?

Tickets are £10 per person. The ticket includes 2 zip lines.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, you need to be 3 years old or over to participate in this adventure. The weight limit is also 100kg. Anyone under 18 participating must be supervised by a spectating adult.

If you’d like to book this adventure, you can do so here.

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Zip World Launches Titan 2

Titan was once our seated zip line experience in the heart of Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia - but ahead of relaunch this April 2021, we've included an all-new tour segment, so you can go home having had your adrenaline fix and armed with new knowledge.

What is Titan 2?

Titan 2 is our new and improved quarry tour and zip lining experience, based in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia National Park. Look no further than here if you're looking for an adventure day out with the family in Snowdonia!

Titan 2 will see you embarking on an incredible scenic tour in the famous ex-army Quarry Explorer trucks. The tour will see you exploring the beautiful Llechwedd slate-mining landscape, hosted by our knowledgable drivers. You'll learn all about the site's slate mining history, and see some pretty incredible sites. After the 45 minute trip, you'll be dropped off at the first zip zone, Bravo, where our team of instructors will send you flying down the seated zip line at speeds of around 70mph. A short walk will then see you heading to the final zip zone, Charlie. There are 4 parallel lines in each zip zone, meaning you can ride alongside your friends and family!

How is it different to the original Titan?

The original Titan saw you simply zipping along 3 zip zones, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The new and improved verion replaces the Alpha line with the 45 minute tour, where you get a real taste for the site's roots which you didn't before. Snowdonia's history is extensive, and this area in particular is steeped, so we're over the moon to now be able to share this with you as part of the Zip World experience. 

How much does is cost?

The Titan 2 experience costs £60, for the tour and 2 zip lines. The experience lasts around 2 hours, from check-in to landing. You can book here.

How old do you have to be?

Participants must be ages 7 or over. 

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The Return of Adventure 2; Zip World Re-Opens April 2021!

It's been a long 4 months of lockdown, but we can finally announce we're re-opening the Zip World doors on the 26th of April 2021!

Adventurers assemble - this is it! We're over the moon to announce, all going well, our above ground adventures will be re-opening on Thursday the 26th of April, as long as restrictions don't change in the meantime. The Return of Adventure 2 is finally here!

This will be the second time we've re-opened in a year, so we're really confident and have not dropped the ball when it comes to the safety of our staff, customers and community.
We still have our 6 steps in place to ensure your adventure is safe and covid-secure, and have worked closely with the Welsh Government to be super certain our sites are socially responsible areas ahead of relaunch.

All 4 of our sites will be open - the 3 in North Wales are Penrhyn Quarry, Fforest and Slate Caverns. Our underground adventures at Slate Caverns will be re-opening at a later date. Our South Wales site, Tower, will be opening with just the Phoenix zip line, as the Tower Coaster is still under construction.

Booking will be essential due to limited capacity for social distancing reasons, which you can do here: https://zipwo.uk/3bSWELu

If you already have a booking with us BEFORE April 26th, please get in touch with our booking team on info@zipworld.co.uk. We're expecting to receive a lot of messages, so thanks in advance for your patience. Please note, you only need to email us once - emailing twice will push your enquiry back to the back of the queue automatically, so please bear with us while we get to your request.

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Tickets to Zip World Tower are now available!

They're here! Tickets to our new South Wales site, with 2 brand new adventures, are now available...

What is Zip World Tower?

Zip World Tower is our 4th outdoor adventure site here in Wales, and our first to open in South Wales! It's located on the breathtakingly beautiful and historically rich old Tower Colliery site, just on the outskirts of the Brecon Beacons. 

What kind of adventure can I find on site?

At Zip World Tower, you can have a fun-filled adventure day out with the family, with adventure appropriate for kids from 4 years old. But this doesn't mean this site is necessarily just for kids - our adventures can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities!
At this site you will find the Phoenix zip line, and the Tower Coaster. Phoenix is set to be the world's fastest seated zip line, boasting 2 separate zip zones for you to enjoy, with 4 parallel lines so that 3 others can join in on the fun at the same time! The bespoke harnesses and high quality equipment will keep you safe and sound whilst you soar across the Rhigos mountain range, reachin speeds of 70-80mph! This is appropriate for anyone over the age of 7. The Tower Coaster is a European-first; a side-by-side coaster which will twist and turn along the site. If you're not quite an adrenaline junkie, don't worry, you have some control of the speed here! This can be enjoyed by anyone ages 4 and over.

How do I book an adventure?

Simply, head here. Our booking calendar is now open, and you can book Phoenix for any time as of March the 26th 2021, and the Tower Coaster for any time as of the 9th of April 2021. If you got a Tower voucher for Christmas, you can redeem that too by heading to our menu, and selecting the 'Vouchers' page!

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12 Days of Zipmas - Win Adventure Gifts!

After what’s been a challenging year, we’re giving away even more prizes in the lead up to Christmas this December!

Each year, we give away a series of prizes in the lead up to Christmas (always under the banner of a punny name, might we add - ‘ADVENTure Calendar’, and ‘Stocking Thrillers’ to name a couple!). This year, we’re doing the 12 Days of Zipmas competitions (see what we did there) - and are giving away more prizes than ever before, to hopefully spread a bit of cheer after what’s been a challenging year for everyone.

This year’s prizes will include vouchers to our new adventures down in South Wales, as well as some tried and tested favourites, such as the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2, our Fforest Coaster, and the incredible Bounce Below. 

To enter these competitions, you will need to head to our Facebook page every day, from now up until Christmas Eve. Each competition will run from 7pm until 12pm the following day, so be quick if you see a prize you want!

The beauty of these prizes is the flexibility that comes with them. Due to the uncertainty in the air at the moment, our vouchers are now redeemable for 2 years, rather than 1, and can either be kept for yourself, or gifted for Christmas. We’re planning on reopening in February 2021, so it’ll be the perfect adventure to look forward to in the fresh new year. 

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas, and new beginnings next year!

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Zip World Tower Gift Vouchers are Now Available!

We’re over the moon to be able to now offer Zip World Tower vouchers as part of our Christmas gifting range, alongside our other 13 adventures.

Buy Zip World Tower Gift Vouchers here

Zip World Tower will be home to 2 shiny new adventures; Zip World Phoenix, the world’s fastest seated zip line, and Zip World Tower Coaster, Europe’s only side-by-side karted coaster of its kind. Based in Cynon Valley, in the heart of the Rhigos mountain range, south Wales, our new Zip World site is the 4th to open, and our 1st outside of the Snowdonia national park in north Wales. We’re thrilled to be able to bring our unique adventures and experiences down south, and breathe a new lease of life into the old coal mining site of Tower Colliery, whilst still utilising and conserving the site’s rich history.


Both Phoenix and Tower Coaster are available as separate gift vouchers, and prices start from just £25. These are the perfect gifts this Christmas for thrill-seekers and families alike, with an adventure to suit everyone’s taste.


If you’re looking to gift for a family or kids, we’d recommend trying the Tower Coaster, perfect for anyone over the age of 4. If the lucky recipients are slightly older or enjoy the pump of an adrenaline rush, opt for our Phoenix zip line.If you purchase a voucher now, the recepient will get a chance at exclusive pre-booking too, meaning they can be one of the first to try these exciting new adventures!


Thank you all very much for your support ahead of our spring 2021 Zip World Tower opening, and we look forward to welcoming you to our brand new site.

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Zip World Suspend Operations Until Spring 2021

We have come to the difficult decision to suspend all Zip World on-site operations until Spring 2021, following the most recent Government announcement

As the changes continue to come from the Welsh and UK governments to fight the COVID 19 pandemic, we continue to find ourselves in a lot of uncertainty over the next few months. We have therefore made a difficult decision to not reopen in 2020 and have suspended operations until Spring 2021.  This will follow the two week fire breaker from the Welsh Government.

In order to ensure we can reopen next year when things will hopefully be more positive, we have taken this decision now to give us time to prepare for what looks to be a busy start to 2021.

If you have a booking scheduled for this time, we will automatically postpone your adventure, but don't worry, it will be stored safely in our system until you can choose a different date. Any bookings you may have for dates outside this period will still be in place. If you prefer, you can book in for another date now, or transfer your booking into gift vouchers, which are valid for 24 months and can be passed on, for example as a Christmas present later this year. To do this, get in touch on email: info@zipworld.co.uk.

Our priority is to keep the team, the community and customers safe, supporting the stay at home message. 2021 will be a hugely exciting year with the launch of our brand new site in South Wales, Zip World Tower.

Please note, due to the high volume of enquiries expected there will be a delay processing emails. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your continued support in what has been a challenging year for all, and we will see you again in 2021.

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Top 5 best Christmas gifts for couples this 2020

Looking to buy for your other half, or a couple, this Christmas, but stuck for inspiration? Look no further...

We have a bunch of gift ideas for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives which are bound to keep you in the good books on Christmas day! Gift them something they will remember forever, that you can enjoy together, and have something to look forward to in 2021.

1. Velocity 2 Gift Voucher

£99 Available here
Suitable for ages 10+
Velocity 2 is the world's fastest zip line, situated in Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Snowdonia, North Wales

The big showstopper, Velocity 2 is the world’s fastest zip line, and is the perfect ‘big present’ this 2020. After being cooped up indoors over lockdown, give them the freedom of flight to look forward to in 2021, as they soar across our Penrhyn Quarry at speeds of up to (and sometimes over!) 100mph. Spanning just under a mile long, Velocity 2 is the perfect adventure to do with your other half, and embark on the adventure together while making some amazing memories.

Buy now


2. Quarry Karts Gift Voucher

£39 Available here
Suitable for ages 15+
Quarry Karts is the UK's only mountain carting experience, located at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Snowdonia

The UK’s only mountain cart track is situated in the stunning Penrhyn Quarry, and features 3km of slate track in the Snowdonia mountain range. The track’s twists, turns, tunnels and other obstacles make this the perfect adventure to take on as a pair, and see who’s reflexes hold up in the gravity-fuelled 3 wheeled cart. Plus, the backdrop is beautiful, and there’s an on-site restaurant for a meal afterwards too.

Buy now


3. Caverns Gift Voucher

£65 Available here
Suitable for ages 11+
Caverns is an underground adventure course, located at Zip World Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

For thrill-seekers with a big taste for adventure, Caverns is a vast underground adventure course, with plenty of obstacles, tunnels and zip lines to keep them busy. They’ll undergo a little training session before heading onto the course, and put their skills to the test. A guaranteed energy burner, and perfect for pairs who love a challenge.

Buy now


4. Plummet 2 Gift Voucher

£65 Available here
Suitable for ages 7+
Plummet 2 is the world's first tandem drop experience, located at Zip World Fforest, Betws-Y-Coed

A perfect stocking filler, this is for daredevils who love all things adrenaline! Plummet 2 is the world’s first tandem drop experience - first they’ll head up our 100ft tower, stand on the trapdoors, before plummeting! Our unique powerfan system will keep them safe and sound and lower them to the ground gently after they experience the thrill of freefall. This adventure is built specifically for pairs, so it’s the perfect couples’ adventure!

Buy now


5. Bounce Below Gift Voucher

£25 Available here
Suitable for ages 7+
Bounce Below is an underground bouncy net adventure located at Zip World Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

Bounce Below is the UK’s only underground bouncy net adventure, and is situated deep in a disused Victorian mine, twice the size of St Pauls’ Cathedral. Couples can explore this subterranean trampoline-style adventure together, with 3 levels of bouncy nets, slides and tunnels. Plus it’s an amazing work out after a heavy Christmas season!

Buy now

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Top 5 best Christmas gifts for teens this 2020

Teens are notoriously tough to buy for - but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some fun and exciting gift ideas that will be a winner on Christmas morning.

Forget a new pair of socks or something that will likely end up in the back of the cupboard, and treat the teen in your life to something unique that will be remembered forever. We’ve got a selection of Zip World Gift Vouchers that are bound to keep you in the good books and give them something to look forward to in 2021.

1. Velocity 2 Gift Voucher

£99 Available here
Suitable for ages 10+
Velocity 2 is the world's fastest zip line, situated in the beautiful Penrhyn Quarry, Snowdonia, North Wales

The big showstopper, Velocity 2 is the world’s fastest zip line, and is the perfect ‘big present’ this 2020. After being cooped up indoors over lockdown, give them the freedom of flight to look forward to in 2021, as they soar across our Penrhyn Quarry at speeds of up to (and sometimes over!) 100mph. Spanning just under a mile long, Velocity 2 is the perfect adventure to do with friends and family, and you can even hire a Revl camera to capture the experience forever.

Buy now


2. Bounce Below Gift Voucher

£25 Available here
Suitable for ages 7+
 Bounce Below is the UK's only underground bouncy net adventure, situated in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia, North Wales

Bounce Below is the UK’s only underground bouncy net adventure, and is situated deep in a disused Victorian mine, twice the size of St Pauls’ Cathedral. The entire family can explore this subterranean trampoline-style adventure together, with 3 levels of bouncy nets, slides and tunnels. This is also perfect for groups of friends and couples.

Buy now


3. Zip Safari 2 Gift Voucher

£40 Available here
Suitable for ages 9+
Zip Safari 2 is a treetop adventure course, and can be found near Betws-Y-Coed, Snowdonia, North Wales

For daring teens with a big taste for adventure, Zip Safari 2 is a treetop adventure course, with plenty of obstacles, zip lines and even a treetop surfboard to keep them busy! They’ll undergo a little training session before heading onto the course, and put their skills to the test. A guaranteed energy burner, and perfect for anyone who loves a challenge. Plus, the cherry on top of the cake is the incredible views!

Buy now


4. Plummet 2

£15 Available here
Suitable for ages 7+

Plummet 2 is the world's first tandem drop experience, situated near Betws-Y-Coed, Snowdonia, North Wales

A perfect stocking filler, this is for daredevil teens who love all things adrenaline! Plummet 2 is the world’s first tandem drop experience - they’ll head up our 100ft tower and stand on the trapdoors, before plummeting! Our unique powerfan system will keep them safe and sound and lower them to the ground gently after they experience the thrill of freefall. Perfect for pairs, or can be completed alone.

Buy now


5. Skyride 2

£10 Available here
Suitable for ages 9+
Skyride 2 is Europe's largest giant 5 seater swing, and is situated in Zip World Fforest, Betws-Y-Coed

Another one for the thrill seekers, Skyride 2 is Europe’s largest 5 seater swing, and a fantastic group experience. They will be pulled high up in the air, before a brave member of the crew pulls the release to send everyone flying through the sky. This adventure will be sure to get their blood pumping!

Buy now

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Top 5 best Christmas gifts for kids this 2020

With toys overflowing underneath the tree this Christmas, gift them something they can look forward to in 2021, and create memories that will last a lifetime with a Zip World Gift Voucher.

We know it’s hard to come up with an exciting and original Christmas present for kids these days, so we’ve got you covered with a no-brainer list of Zip World treats. Ditch the toys that will end up at the back of the cupboard, and get them a Christmas gift that will be remembered forever.


1. Fforest Coaster Gift Voucher

£25 Available here
Suitable for: Ages 3+ 
The Fforest Coaster is the UK's only alpine coaster of its kind, situated in the Conwy Valley, North Wales

The UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind is situated in Betws Y Coed, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Children under the age of 9 can share a sledge with an adult, making it the perfect family experience. They will ascent the tracks through the Welsh woodland, before soaring back down. The optional breaking system means they can go as fast or as slow as they desire.

Buy now


2. Bounce Below Gift Voucher

From £25, Available here
Suitable for: Ages 7+
Bounce Below is the UK's only underground trampoline -style adventure, and can be found in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia

One for slightly bigger kids, Bounce Below is the UK’s only underground bouncy net adventure, and is situated deep in a disused Victorian mine, twice the size of St Pauls’ Cathedral. The entire family can explore this subterranean trampoline-style adventure together, with 3 levels of bouncy nets, slides and tunnels.

Buy now


3. Tree Hoppers Gift Voucher

£18, Available here
Suitable for: Ages 5+
Tree Hoppers is a mini adventure course for kids, nestled in the Conwy Valley, Snowdonia

For little ones with a big taste for adventure, Tree Hoppers is a treetop adventure course, with plenty of obstacles and zip lines to keep them busy. They’ll undergo a little training sessions before heading onto the course, and put their skills to the test. A guaranteed energy burner!

Buy now


4. Big Red Gift Voucher (coming soon!)

£10, Available soon
Suitable for: Ages 5+
Big Red is a mini zip, perfect for mini adventurers, situated at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda

While the grown ups go on the world’s fastest zip line, the mini adventurers can try their hand at Big Red! This zip line will see them flying right next to the beautiful Penrhyn Quarry lake - and they get 2 goes with their gift voucher! This is the perfect experience to try with a friend, as there’s 2 parallel zip lines.


5. Treetop Nets Gift Voucher

£20, Available here
Suitable for: Ages 3+
Treetop Nets is a bouncy net adventure high up in the trees, near Betws-Y-Coed, Snowdonia

This huge bouncy net adventure set high in the trees will have them jumping for joy! Treetop nets features countless chambers of nets, hideout huts, Europe’s longest net walkway, and even a carpet slide!

Buy now

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2 for 1 Christmas Vouchers at Zip World


2020 may have been a challenging year for us all and we're definitely ready to get it wrapped up, but this isn’t stopping us from getting into the festive cheer and spreading some Zip World magic. Just to make things a tad easier around the holiday season, we’re delighted to be able to offer 2 for 1 Christmas vouchers this year - but be quick, there’s only a limited amount

So what is the offer? It’s simple - from the 23rd of October until the 8th of November, you can purchase 2 Zip World vouchers, and 1 of them is entirely free, essentially making your order half price. And who doesn’t love a little extra help around Christmas?! Remember, we only have a limited number available, so please act fast while there's still some left!

Our adventure vouchers are the perfect ‘wow’ gift, and we have experiences ranging from stocking fillers to the Christmas morning show-stoppers. These gifts certainly won’t find themselves collecting dust at the back of the cupboard, but give that special someone something to remember for a lifetime. 


To gift them something they can look forward to in 2021, choose:

Velocity 2: The world’s fastest Zip Line (10+)

Quarry Karts: The UK’s only mountain cart track (15+)

Fforest Coaster: The UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind (3+)

Zip Safari 2: A treetop adventure and zipping course (9+)

Treetop Nets: A giant bouncy net adventure high up in the trees (3+)

Tree Hoppers: A mini treetop adventure course for little explorers (5+)

Plummet 2: The world’s first tandem drop experience (7+)

Skyride 2: Europe’s largest giant 5 seater swing (7+)

Bounce Below: The UK’s only underground bouncy net adventure, set in a Victorian slate mine (7+)

Caverns: An underground adventure and zipping course (10+)

Titan: Europe’s largest zip zone (7+)

Zip World Tower: Our new site down in south Wales has a voucher bundle available as of November!

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Zip World Temporary Site Suspension Following Welsh Government Announcement

Following the announcement from the Welsh Government on Monday 19th of October,  all three of our sites will be temporarily suspended for two weeks from 6pm on Friday 23rd of October until Monday 9th of November 2020 in line with the two week fire breaker that will affect the whole of Wales.  

We have had a successful reopening since July and a strong ‘socially distanced’ summer with customers making the most of our thrilling adventures.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation according to the guidance from the Welsh government and are regularly updating our team and taking the necessary precautions to keep our team, customers and community safe. 

We will notify customers of any changes immediately.  If any customers are concerned, please contact us directly. Please be aware that our booking centre is incredibly busy at the moment, and our team are working hard to get back to you all as quickly as possible.

Stay safe everyone.

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Top Gear Fly to the Finish Line at Zip World

BBC’s hit motoring show Top Gear has returned for it’s 29th Series featuring Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris. The show’s mix of attention grabbing supercars and daredevil stunts sees them take on the fastest zip line in the world when they visit Zip World Penrhyn Quarry to take on Velocity 2 in episode 4.

In the new series, which after 18 years on BBC2 lands on primetime BBC1 at 8pm on a Sunday evening, the team visit beautiful North Wales as part of a Best of British challenge. A slightly covid-disrupted schedule has meant that the team couldn’t jet-set across the globe as per usual and instead took the opportunity to discover what’s on their doorstep in the UK. 

At Zip World, the episode involves a supercar 4x4 race up the slate quarry track to reach the starting point to Velocity 2.  All three presenters were there for the shoot but it was Paddy McGuinness who took up this challenge in the British Aston Martin DBX against the German Audi RSQ8 with former Formula1 driver Heinz Harald Fritzen as his challenger. 

The trio arrived in an impressive line up of the Best of British motor cars featuring Aston DBX driven by Paddy, a Bentley Flying Spur driven by Chris and a McLaren GT driven by Freddie.


As the world’s biggest car show, it has huge international appeal and is one of the BBC’s biggest exports, most recently launching stateside on BBC America.

The finale of this episode sees Paddy, who’s used to driving fast cars, get a very different adrenaline fix travelling head first at approx 100mph on a zip line down a welsh quarry. He can be heard in the scene screaming ‘I’m Flying’.  He also raved about the experience in promotional interviews with The One Show and This Morning!

You can catch the episode here on iPlayer.

To take on Velocity 2 click here or buy a voucher to book for 2021.

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Blue Peter Take on Zip World Quarry Karts!

Blue Peter recently came to Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Wales, to try out the UK’s only mountain cart adventure, Quarry Karts! We were joined by presenters Adam B and Richie Driss, as they descended the 3km slate track for Blue Peter’s most recent episode. 

Zip World Quarry Karts is a gravity-fuelled carting adventure, which sees you making your way down the stunning Welsh quarry, nestled in the Snowdonia mountain range, whilst taking on twists, turns, chicanes, tunnels and berms, in your very own 3-wheeler. 

Joining Adam and Richie on-screen were our very own instructors, Maxine and Rhys, who provided useful bits of information, tips and tricks before the presenting duo took to the track. Rhys and Maxine then timed the pair as they individually took on the adventure.

It was then down to Rhys and Maxine to announce who had won the time trial. Coming up tops this time was Richie, just pipping Adam to the post by 0.6 seconds, after Adam took a turn a little too wide at corner 13, losing a valuable couple of seconds.

It was incredible to have the Blue Peter production team on site, and to welcome Richie and Adam our beautiful part of the world. The world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2 next we think!

The episode is now available to watch on iPlayer if you missed it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000ngqz/blue-peter-magnificent-magic-and-quarry-karts


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Zip World Ffear Fforest Rescheduled to October 2021

Local lockdown restrictions are still in place across Conwy county

With the recent local lockdowns affecting our operations at Zip World Fforest, we have made the difficult decision to reschedule Ffear Fforest until October 2021. 
Our decision is following the announcement from the Welsh Government and in relation to the local lockdown for Conwy Borough Council. Our priority is to ensure our team, our customers and our community stay safe.

If you have already booked a Night Pass with us, you should have received an email, detailing what will happen to your booking. 

We hope to see you all in October 2021 for some better-than-ever Halloween fun - let's make it one to remember next year when it's safe to do so!

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Carol Vorderman and Ysgol Friars Come to Zip World

The TV star supports Ysgol Friars' STEM project at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry

We were fortunate enough to welcome the fantastic Carol Vorderman, and inspiring pupils of Ysgol Friars' last week, all of whom were ready to sink their teeth into all things STEM at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Gogledd is a new project that aims to increase the uptake and attainment in STEM subjects amongst 11-19 years old of all abilities. They do so by coordinating events, experiences and resources which encourage the exploration and enjoyment of these subjects. This is where we come in!

With a selection of unique adventures on-site, STEM plays a huge part in our day-to-day operations, from the infrastructure of our adventures, to the speed at which our customers hit the zip line's brakes. STEM Gogoledd invited Ysgol Friars' students to come along to our site, and see this all in action first-hand. The BBC also joined with Carol Vorderman, who's currently shooting a 4-part series where she's retracing her routes around North Wales, as well as supporting the STEM project.



Carol and the pupils created a model zip line to replicate the Velocity 2 adventure, and calculated the speed and kinetic energy, before moving onto the real deal, where Carol took on the zip. This opens many doors when it comes for potential outdoor education at Zip World, especially with STEM activities. In light of recent events, it was great to be able to provide the Friars' pupils with vast outdoor space to learn in. Watch this space!

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Temporary site closure for Zip World Fforest due to goverment guidelines

Following the announcement from the Welsh Government on Tuesday 29th of September,  ZIP WORLD FFOREST will be temporarily closed for two weeks from 6pm on October 1st 2020.

This is following guidelines in relation to the local lockdown for Conwy Borough Council.  Reopening will be reviewed in two weeks time.  Our priority is to ensure our team, our customers and our community stay safe.  

However we will still be open at our at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, home to Velocity 2 and Quarry Karts, and Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog home to Bounce Below and Caverns. Both these sites remain out of the local lockdown area. You'll be able to find out more about these sites on our adventure page.

Extra measures have been put in place on our sites to keep our team, our customers and our community safe.   Take a look at our simple 6 steps to an extraordinary experience to follow on your visit.

6 Steps

We will continue to closely monitor the situation according to the guidance from the Welsh government and notify customers of any changes immediately.  If any customers are concerned, please contact us directly.

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The Return of Zip World Slate Caverns

With Zip World Penrhyn Quarry and Fforest already having opened for a few weeks now, Zip World Slate Caverns finally gets the nod of approval from the Welsh Government to reopen its doors as of the 25th of July. The Slate Caverns team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the site is fully equipped and prepared for a socially responsible adventure, whilst not detracting from your experience in any way. 

Which adventures are open?

For now, our unique underground adventure course, Caverns, will be reopening on the 25th of July, closely followed on the 27th of July by Bounce Below, the UK's only subterranean bouncy net adventure of its kind. We have made the decision to not reopen Titan, Europe's largest zip zone, until March 2021. If you're looking for a zip line fix, don't worry, there are a huge 13 zip lines scattered along our Caverns course, or alternatively, the world's fastest zip line, Velocity 2 is now open over on our Zip World Penrhyn Quarry site. 

Which health and safety measures will be in place?

We've changed how we operate slightly on site, to make it as socially responsible as possible, but don't worry, this won't impact on your adventure in any way. If you'd like to see an in-depth breakdown of our standard procedures and the 6 steps we have in place, please head here.

The Welsh Government have now given the nod to all underground adventures/ attractions in Wales to reopen, providing they adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Where is Zip World Slate Caverns?

This site is located in the historical Welsh town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, in the snowdonia mountain range. The site itself is based in an old slate mine. Our friends, Llechwedd, who we share the site with, run fantastic deep mine tours. 

Zip World Slate Caverns,
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 3NB

What's the price?

Each adventure is individually priced, we'd recommend heading here and selecting your adventures to take a look at our pricing.

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The Return of Treetop Nets!

We're pleased to share with you that our 8th Zip World adventure, Treetop Nets, will be reopening as of the 20th of October!

Following 15 weeks of temporary suspension across all 3 of our sites due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were ecstatic to open our doors with 6 adventures on the 6th of July. Now, with more restrictions easing, and with a solid socially responsible plan in place, we are able to open both Quarry Karts (as you may already know), and Treetop Nets on the 20th of July. 

What is Treetop Nets?

It's a bouncy net adventure, suspended high in the trees, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Anyone from the age of 3 can participate in this adventure, and enjoy bouncing, exploring, sliding and traversing in the trees. Treetop Nets is home to Europe's largest net walkway, and also boasts a carpet slide for you to get stuck into!

Where is it?

Treetop Nets is located at our Zip World Fforest site, in Betws-Y-Coed, North Wales. Enjoy stunning views of the Conwy valley as you bounce around, with the popular towns of Llanrwst and Betws-Y-Coed nearby. At Zip World Fforest, you can also find our famous Fforest Coaster, Tree Hoppers, Plummet 2, Skyride 2 and Zip Safari 2. 

What protective measures will be in place?

We've changed how we oporate slightly on site, to make it as socially responsible as possible, but don't worry, this won't impact on your adventure in any way. If you'd like to see an in-depth breakdown of our standard procedures and the 6 steps we have in place, please head here.

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Zip World announces relaunch date for Quarry Karts!

The highly anticipated relaunch of this popular adventure will be happening on the 20th of July 2020

It’s been quite the whirlwind since we announced that 6 of our adventures will be relaunching on the 6th of July. We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of support, and could not be more excited to welcome you all back through our doors.

We couldn’t be happier to announce more good news; Quarry Karts at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry will be joining our roster of relaunched adventures as of the 20th of July!

We’ve received a huge amount of calls and messages about when we will be opening the UK’s only mountain cart experience, so we’re really excited to have a socially responsible system in place now. The adventure’s vast open space lends itself well to social distancing, so we’re happy to report that you will see very little change in the way it operates, and our new measures won’t deter from your experience in any way.

To ensure this adventure can accommodate hygiene procedures and social distancing measures, helmets will be thoroughly sanitised between uses, and completely fresh, unused balaclavas will be supplied to wear under the helmets too. We will also be asking adventurers to wear the helmets on the truck journey to the top of the mountain, which will act as a face covering, meaning you won’t need to bring your own. Due to the vast amount of fresh mountain air and space we have on this adventure, you’ll find that no other changes have been made to the experience.

For more information on our relaunch and safety procedures, please head here.

Don’t forget, we highly recommend pre-booking during this period, which you can do here, or by calling us on 01248 601444.

Above all else, we cannot wait to welcome you all back to Zip World, and hope you’re just as excited as we are for the relaunch of our 7th adventure!

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Zip World Presents The Return of Adventure

After 13 weeks of temporary suspension due to the global pandemic, we’re thrilled to announce The Return of Adventure on the 6th of July 2020.

After months of hard work, careful planning and deliberation, we’re delighted to announce that we will be reopening Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda and Zip World Fforest, Betws-y-Coed as of the 6th of July 2020! This has been made possible following the most recent Welsh government announcement, stating that the 5 mile travel restriction in Wales will be lifted as of the 6th of July, meaning we can welcome you all back safely. Our vast outdoor spaces and the self-contained nature of our sites lend themselves naturally to socially responsible measures, meaning we can create a safe environment for locals and visitors to the area.

Our skeleton team have worked tirelessly for 3 months now, assuring the safe reopening of our adventures, so this news has come with a huge level of excitement and relief for us all.


Which adventures will be open?

We won’t be opening all of our adventures straight away, just the ones we’re certain we can operate 100% safely with new social distancing measures in mind and control the amount of visitors. We will be opening adventures on our Penrhyn Quarry and Fforest sites only for now. These will include Velocity 2, Fforest Coaster, Zip Safari 2, Plummet 2, Skyride 2 and Tree Hoppers. We will have more updates on when our remaining adventures will be opening in due course.


What safety measures will we have in place?

We will be operating under new socially responsible measures across our sites. These will be highly visible, easy to follow, and will not deter from your extraordinary experience! The 6 steps will include; 

If you’d like a more in-depth breakdown of these 6 steps, please head here.

It is also worth noting that our vast outdoor spaces lend themselves well to social distancing, making this safe for our community, visitors to the area and staff to experience simultaneously.


Will my booking change?

If you’ve booked one of our opening adventures sometime over the next couple of months, we will do everything we can to keep your booking exactly as it is. We may have to make a couple of changes here and there to allow for our new reduced capacity measures, but we will be in touch and offer a suitable alternative if this is the case.


When will the rest of the adventures open?

We’re hoping to have all of our adventures open by September. Some, for example Bounce Below, will involve a stricter and more time-consuming cleaning routine, and others don’t lend themselves as well to our new social distancing measures, therefore we will wait until restrictions have eased slightly before opening these. Safety first!

Above all else, we can’t wait to welcome you all back in a way which is safe for yourselves and our staff. The news that we can open on the 6th of July has been fantastic and we are itching to get you all back on our unique adventures!

Calling all Adventures to Assemble...

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6 Steps to the ‘New Normal’ at Zip World

1. Limited availability - how many people we allow onto one time slot varies from adventure to adventure, but we have put availability limits in place to ensure that there aren’t too many of you on each session. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to all keep you distance and still enjoy the experience to the full.

2. Signage - we’ve created a bunch of fun signage and wayfinding which help guide you all along our new pathways. We’re operating a few one-way systems so that none of you have to cross-over where not necessary, and have extended a few of our queueing systems, so that you can be British and queue in a responsible and orderly fashion! All signage encourages 2 metre distancing between groups.

3. Staff PPE - where applicable, our team will be wearing masks, and sometimes gloves. In Wales, it's mandatory for everyone to wear a mask indoors. We are limiting the amount of close interaction our team have with you, but please be aware this won’t always be completely possible, for example during kit-up. Rest assured, our team operate under strict distancing and highly visible hygiene regimes.

4. Limiting cash payments - We encourage you all to only use contactless payment methods whilst on site. Ideally our staff won’t handle any cash at this time. Strict cleaning practices are in place whenever this is not possible.

5. Online waiver signing - We have introduced a new system where you can sign the waiver we usually present at check-in, online, before you visit us (this is an industry standard form you sign before going on any Zip World Adventure). Not only does this help to protect you and our staff, but also helps to limit the amount of people congregating in our reception areas.

6. Regular and highly visible cleaning regimes - We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our sites in tip-top condition, but now more than ever we're going above and beyond to make sure that the sites are super clean. This has included installing new taps near our adventures, providing hand sanitizer across the sites and upping the frequency of our site cleanliness checks.

The above steps are already being planned and put in place. We may add or take away a couple of steps, depending on Government guidelines closer to the time of opening, but right now, this is our focus.

Wrap up warm! It's also worth mentioninig that as we move into autumn and winter, you should wrap up warm while on site. We will be keeping everyone outside in the fresh air and open space as much as possible to help social distancing and keep any risk as low as possible, for example while you are queuing or waiting for your adventure to start

We can’t wait to welcome you all back and see you all enjoy some extraordinary experiences with us.

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Zip World Gears up for Relaunch

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the 30th of April that the UK has passed the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic and that plans for a roadmap out of lockdown will be laid out next week with a ‘menu of options’ to kick start the economy.  With this in mind, businesses like us can now knuckle down and put an exciting relaunch plan in place!

This is a unique situation we're all in, and we know a lot has changed in everyone's lives over the last couple of months. This has meant that lots of businesses, including Zip World, have had to completely reassess their business models to hopefully restart operations again, sticking to new social distancing guidelines and understanding the 'new normal', and how this will come into play.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, we suspended our operations from March 20th, 3 days before the Government announced restrictions. Since then, we have furloughed over 98% of our workforce, protecting their jobs and the future of Zip World. But recent news means we can now look ahead to a bright future, with news trickling in about the potential for reopening later on in the year.

Sean Taylor Founder & President of Zip World comments “The overwhelming support received from the Welsh Government has enabled us to retain our staff who are the backbone of our organisation and this has been instrumental to our relaunch plans. There’s obviously a great deal of uncertainty out there and we are making some pretty big assumptions based on what we know today.

“The only thing I can be sure of is that we will only open when it is safe to do so and that we are satisfied that our measures are in the best interests of the customer, North Wales community and the Zip World team.”

We understand, however, that this won't just be 'business as usual'. The gravity of the situation is not to be taken lightly, so we won't be returning to 'normal' when we've reopened.

A few members of our skeleton team have been busy at work on site (socially distanced, of course!) to map out exactly what can be done to make this a super safe experience for you all, with protective measures in mind. We've been looking at lots of different options so that you can all maintain a 2m distance, and still enjoy that memorable adventure! We're really excited to share plans and updates with you as and when we can, so keep an eye on our website and social media pages!

To be kept up to date with our plans, please register your details here, and you will be the first to hear of any updates.



Team Update

Zip World Team Update (Covid-19) from Zip World UK on Vimeo.


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You can still treat dad this Father’s Day with the gift of adventure

 These are difficult and uncertain times for all of us, and many are celebrating special days like birthdays and anniversaries in lockdown. While we don’t quite know yet what the situation will be in Wales come Father’s Day, this 21st of June 2020, what we do know is you can still gift him something which will make his day, and give him something to look forward to post-lockdown!

 If you didn’t already know, in light of recent events, our vouchers now have a 2 year redemption period, so if dad’s the adventurous type, or needs pushing out of his comfort zone every once in a while, grab him a Zip World voucher for that unforgettable family experience! It can be redeemed any time over the next 2 years, giving you plenty of wiggle room to make your trip one to remember.

Don’t worry about presenting him with the voucher, we do e-vouchers, meaning if you’re self-isolating away from dad, you can still send him the gift digitally. We’ve got this social distancing thing covered!


So which voucher should you get dad? If he…

-       Is an adrenaline junkie, try the UK’s only mountain cart experience, Quarry Karts, our incredible underground adventure course, Caverns, or Europe’s largest 5 seater swing, Skyride 2!

-       Is a lover of heights, you can’t go wrong with the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2, or the world’s first tandem freefall experience, Plummet 2.

-       Likes to take things easy, he can cruise at his leisure on the UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind, the Fforest Coaster, enjoy a spot of history on our informative Quarry Tour, or fly along in a seated position on Europe’s largest zip zone, Titan

-       Is the energetic type, challenge him to an hour on the UK’s only underground trampoline-style park, Bounce Below, or get his heart racing on our Zip Safari 2 treetop adventure and zip line course!


Check out our voucher page for our full list, we have 12 to choose from, so there’s an adventure to suit everyone!

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Zip World Tower to now launch Spring 2021

In light of the Covid-19  global pandemic, we have unfortunately delayed the start of construction work for our new adventure in South Wales Zip World Tower. We are currently reviewing our schedule but opening is looking to be pushed back to Spring 2021.

As we all share this unique and difficult moment in time, life as we know it has changed dramatically in just a few weeks.  This has meant that many businesses including us are having to temporarily close our operations and change our future business plans for the health of the nation.   

The new site in the Cynon Valley will be our fourth location and our first outside of North Wales.  We cannot wait to bring our exhilarating adventures to South Wales and are looking forward to bringing the Tower Colliery mine back to life and transforming the location to a new adventure destination. 

If you want to know more about our plans click here.

Any questions on recruitment please click here.

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Clear the air in North Wales with Zip World’s breathing spaces

Why not reconsider your holiday options for the Easter and summer getaway and consider a staycation instead.  Clear the air with miles and miles of beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, picturesque mountain landscapes, and underground expeditions in North Wales.  With incredible wildlife, and even a different language you’ll feel like you’ve been transported far and away; but it's all on your doorstep.

Zip World, is one of North Wales's biggest tourist attractions, with three sites across the Snowdonia National Park. Each site is carefully scouted for its natural beauty and the brand works sympathetically with the landscape to create groundbreaking, exhilarating adventures.  

The amazing breathing spaces span across forests, lakes, mountains and underground caverns.   Soak up the amazing views, breath in the clean air and take on one of Zip World’s 13 adventures...

Avoid the flight shaming with zero air miles on Zip World Velocity 2.  The world famous ‘fastest zip line’, Zip World Velocity 2 is a horizontal zip line where you could travel at speeds of up to 100mph+ head first across the bright blue water of Penrhyn Quarry’s lake.  Feel the freedom of flight! 

Velocity 2

Reconnect with nature and embrace the japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku known as ‘forest bathing’ at Zip World Fforest in Betws-Y-Coed whilst you zip line through the trees.  Try the new Zip World Zip Safari 2 soar your way through the spectacular Fforest site on zip lines, and tackle obstacles at every twist and turn. An exhilarating adventure high in the trees!

Safari 2

Boost your immune system with a good shot of adrenaline by taking on Zip World Caverns at Blaenau Ffestiniog.  For just short durations, the benefits of adrenaline can be surprisingly positive.  It improves your ability to fight off infections (at least temporarily) and increases the number of antioxidants circulating in your system.  Zip World Caverns is an underground adventure full of zip lines, rope bridges, via ferrata and tunnels.


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Zip World holds Bounce Below’s first ever underground gig for Year of Outdoors!

The gig, celebrating a talented bunch of Welsh artists as well as the fusion of the indoors and outdoors in Wales, is the first of its kind to be held at Zip World Bounce Below, making for a pretty spectacular music venue!

Gracing the underground were talented artists Kizzy Crawford, Bryde and Alffa, an eclectic mix of Welsh sounds. Kizzy’s melodic sound with a Bajan twist kicked off the evening, whilst the gig-goers bounced away on the nets. At just 23 years old, Kizzy is making waves in the industry, with her bilingual tracks and smooth vocals. Next up, Bryde, a Pembrokeshire-born singer songwriter who’s now based in London. Bryde’s relaxed vibes bounced around the cavern, creating an electric atmosphere with just her voice and guitar. Headlining the set were Alffa, the most streamed Welsh band in history, having reached 3 million spotify streams on their 2 singles. Alffa’s rock influence had everyone on their feet, and closed the show with their hit single, Gwenwyn.

The Gig in the Cave was the first of its kind for Bounce Below. The event celebrated Visit Wales’ Year of Outdoors, merging the beauty of the Welsh indoors and outdoors. A big thank you to 2 Can Productions and Cowshed for arranging the event to be the success it was!

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Easter Activities this Half Term; Dragon Fforest Returns to Zip World!

Last year, you all loved our first ever Easter event, Dragon Fforest, at Zip World Fforest, so we’re bringing it back for round 2! If you're looking for things to do this Easter, join us from the 4th – 19th April 2020 for some family-friendly fun.­ Head over to our woodland adventure park, Zip World Fforest, nestled in the heart of the Conwy Valley near the popular town of Betws-Y-Coed for some Easter holiday activities.

What’s on this Easter at Zip World?

Our Fforest adventures are undergoing an Easter twist this year, alongside some other exciting activities, including Easter egg hunts and activity booklets! Soar along the UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind, the Dragon Flyer, and spot as many of our Easter mascots as you can on your descent! Take on our bouncy treetop net adventure, Treetop Quest, and uncover the clues to figure out the hidden Easter message. Then head over to Hoppity Hoppers, a treetop adventure course for mini-adventurers – don’t forget to spot all of the eggs along the way!

Your activity booklets will include some fun puzzles and Easter mysteries to solve, so keep a keen eye out for clues as you explore the site. Return your completed booklet to a member of our team for a couple of Easter treats! Don’t forget to also book onto our Easter egg hunt! Running on the 4th, 11th, 12th and 13th of April, this will be your chance to explore the Fforest for chocolatey treats!


This is not a ticketed event, so you can just book onto your preferred adventures as normal, and just enjoy the added Easter bonus! Don’t forget we offer package deals too when you book multiple adventures, where you can save up to 15% on your booking. Take a look at those here. The Easter Egg Hunt is FREE, but booking is essential - to do this, please email marketing@zipworld.co.uk.

How to book

To book for Dragon Fforest, simply use the green booking bar at the top of the page to select your preferred adventures from the Dragon Fforest menu. Select a date between the 4th and 19th of April, whether it’s just a go on Hoppity Hoppers, or all 3 Easter adventures. Don’t forget, our other on-site adventures, Plummet 2, Skyride and Zip Safari 2 are also available to book for you thrill-seeking bigger kids.

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Adrenaline Adventures

It should come as no surprise to anyone really, that here at Zip World, we’re pretty big on adrenaline.

It’s always been our goal to get your adrenaline glands pumping and your excitement levels soaring and as for things to do for adrenaline junkies, our extensive sites have got something for even the most daring of devils.

In this blog, we’re going to give a rundown of our finest of adrenaline adventures at the heart of beautiful North Wales!

Velocity 2

It’s the big bad beast of the quarry and of Zip World – it’s Velocity 2! For adrenaline activities in North Wales, as the fastest zipline in Europe, Velocity 2 is the unbeatable champion for thrill-seekers. Think 1555 metres of being suspended over crystal clear waters, travelling at speeds of over 100mph against a glorious backdrop of pure Welsh beauty. There really is nothing like it in Europe and there are few experiences as exhilarating in the UK.

We’ll hook you and up to four of your friends and family onto the zipline and let you loose to soar over Penrhyn Quarry - for posterity’s sake, you can also rent one of our Revl cameras to capture your live reaction to our record-breaking 100mph zipline.

Plummet 2

Picture it: deep in the heart of a Welsh forest, you’re stood on a trapdoor on a 100ft platform. Suddenly, a trained supervisor pulls the lever and the trapdoor opens, seeing you plunge through the floor and into the space beyond!

That’s what you’ll have ahead of you with a visit to our dizzying Plummet 2. Bringing you the closest experience to freefall possible, without doing the actual thing, Plummet 2 is one to get the adrenaline burners firing. You’ll be connected to a harness with a friend (weight limits apply) and after a safety briefing, down you go, through nearly 100ft of drop between you and the ground. How’s that for a shot of adrenaline?

Quarry Karts

Thrills and adrenaline so often go hand in hand, and we’ve paired the two up on our superb Quarry Karts! Head down a specially-designed course through the unforgettable surroundings of Penrhyn Quarry. The mountains of Snowdonia give way to dirt track as you negotiate sharp banks, through tunnels and down steep mountainside runs. As far as adrenaline days in our adventure park go, this is unique, leaving you in complete control, twisting and turning your cart to your heart’s content.

It's a great social activity to, as you can take to the course with up to 12 of your friends and family in high-octane descents to the bottom.

Adrenaline adventures for kids

Adrenaline isn’t just for grown-ups!

We’re no kids' adventure park by any stretch, but Zip World is full to the brim of thrilling adventures and experiences suitable for children, from our Fforest Coaster, which zooms through the trees of our Fforest area, to our Bounce Below underground trampolines, suspended in a disused mine shaft. We’ve also got zipline adventures, tree hopping, tree climbing nets and a sky swing, each one offering that perfect little shot of adrenaline for younger audiences. Come see for yourself and give your children the gift of a day they’ll never forget!

For more on our extensive list of adrenaline activities for all ages, be sure to visit us at zipworld.co.uk/adventures.

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A classroom with a difference

At Zip World, we firmly and adamantly believe that the best classrooms on the planet are found outdoors. There is so much that our kids can learn just from being close to nature.

We learn to respect the fearsome power of nature, we learn to treat our planet with care, and we learn about the near endless beauty that can be found in rivers, forests and mountain ranges. Teaching outdoors means children who would otherwise be unable to immerse themselves in the natural world can discover a whole universe that lives just beyond their neighbourhood and town.

It doesn’t just stop there. A study recently revealed a whole host of additional benefits beyond the scope of learning. The study found that kids were more receptive to learning, feeling more energised, creative and freer to express themselves. Being outdoors allowed them to associate lessons with play, which forms a key element of childhood development. That’s not to mention the clear physical and mental health benefits that come with taking learning into the outdoor world.

The study’s findings just confirm something we at Zip World have always known and in light of the results, we’re getting more and more excited about the recent launch of the brand-new Zip World Educational Programme.

This programme brings teachers and their pupils out into nature in beautiful North Wales to our three sites, where as well as taking on our adventure experiences, kids will benefit from detailed lesson plans, worksheets and pre-and-post visit PowerPoint presentations for use in the classroom. They’ll learn about nature and sustainability, and they’ll also get a taste of Welsh culture and history in unforgettable surroundings (whether at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda; Zip World Fforest, Betws-y-Coed; or Zip World Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Teachers and parents can rest assured that their pupils and children are in good hands - we’re accredited by the LOtC (Council for Learning Outside the Classroom).

Sound good? Download our free starter pack now and take a look at how we can help bring Science and Geography to life this term!

For more information, visit our Educational Programme page here.

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Locals’ Loyalty Returns to Zip World in Spring 2020!


It’s back! Locals’ Loyalty makes a return this 2020, offering locals to Zip World a massive 50% off all 13 of our adventures. This will be the 4th time we’ve run this special deal, and we love seeing you all come along to our adventure parks to make the most of the experiences we have to offer. Because who wouldn’t want to tackle the world’s fastest zip line head-first for half the price?! Whether it’s zip lining, bouncing or climbing, we’ve got your favourite adventure activity right here.

What is Locals’ Loyalty?

This is a special deal we run exclusively for our local neighbours, where you can claim 50% off your Zip World booking if you live in an LL postcode area. Last year, you spoke, so we listened, and we are now extending the deal to a few of our CH postcode friends in Denbighshire and Flintshire too. The new postcodes included in the deal are CH1 6B, CH1 6Q, CH4 9A, CH4 9B, CH4 0, CH5, CH6, CH7, CH8.

When is the deal available?

You can book now, here. Once you’ve entered your email address, you will be shown a unique promo code, which you can apply to your basket at checkout. The promo code is only valid for sessions booked for participation between the 24th of February and the 3rd of April. Basically, you need to participate before April the 4th.

How do I book?

Head to this page to redeem your promo code. You can then carry on adding to your basket as usual, and apply the promo code at checkout. You can also call our Adventure Booking Team on 01248 601444. The promo code will apply to your entire basket, just make sure that you, the lead booker, brings proof of address with you on the day of your adventure!

Please note T&Cs apply, and this offer excludes Velocity 2 on Saturdays.

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Treat Mum with Afternoon Tea this Mother’s Day at Zip World

Published 22.02.20

Leave the flowers and novelty mug on the shelf and treat mum to some special memories this year instead. This 2020, we’re launching a special Afternoon Tea menu on Mother’s Day, complete with either bubbly or your classic tea and coffee.

We understand Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily an easy time for everyone, so anyone can come along and indulge on this day – no limitations involved.

What to do on Mother's Day

Settle down and tuck in at either our modern bistro-style Blondin Restaurant with insane views of the Penrhyn Quarry, or kick back in our cosy, woodland Fforest Caffi in the heart of the Conwy Valley.

From £12.50 per person, you can enjoy a selection of homemade sandwiches on white or brown bread, classic scones with jam and cream and some yummy, locally-sourced cakes. Top the experience off with tea or coffee or upgrade to Prosecco for an extra £5.

Do I need to book?

No need to book, just turn up, whether it’s just the two of you or the whole family. Don’t forget that Zip World Penrhyn Quarry and Zip World Fforest have a selection of adventures to choose from, including the world’s fastest zip line and the UK’s only alpine coaster – so if mum’s a bit of a thrill-seeker too, you could always treat her to adventure before your Afternoon Tea.

See you on the 22nd of March!

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Activity Days Out for Kids in North Wales this Feb Half Term

As the adventure capital of Europe, we’re not short of fun activities for kids during half term. It’s not all long hikes and difficult climbs, there’s plenty of family friendly activities to get stuck into in this beautiful part of the world. Read on to see a little bit of what we’ve got going on in the area!

What can you do with kids indoors?


Beacon Climbing Centre

We know that the words ‘kids’ and ‘climbing centre’ wouldn’t naturally go together, but hear us out. Beacon Climbing Centre, based in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, is a child’s paradise when it comes to activity days out, with plenty of bouldering challenges for kids from the age of 5 to get stuck into. There’s a dedicated kids section with an overlooking café, as well as crazy climbing walls for the bigger kids to try out. Beacon also offer kids parties, and we can guarantee there will be early nights all around!


Zip World

A bit of shameless self-promo incoming – when it comes to activities for teens, Zip World Slate Caverns is home to the world-famous Bounce Below, the UK’s only underground trampoline style adventure, as well as Titan, Europe’s largest zip zone. The beauty of our underground adventures is they’re the perfect rainy day activities for kids! For the thrill-seekers amongst us, head over to Zip World Penrhyn Quarry to take on the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2, and the UK’s only mountain cart adventure, Quarry Karts (please note that these 2 are outdoor activities)!



Ahh, the Sun Centre! We challenge you to find someone who grew up in North Wales who hasn’t visited the Sun Centre’s famous wave pool at least once. One of the most exciting indoor activities for kids in the area and set in the famous holiday town of Rhyl, the SC2 has recently been refurbished, and is now bigger and better than ever! Spend the day with your little ones enjoying this exciting waterpark and all it has to offer, taking on the slides or kicking back in the paddling zones. For warmer days, there’s an outdoor splash pad too! If you want to take the adventure to the next level, you can challenge a few friends and family to the all new Ninja Tag experience. This multi-level assault course will see you and your party’s skill and reflexes tested as you traverse, climb and jump along the obstacles to seek out the tags. Who will you challenge?!

How do I keep my kids busy outside?


Manorafon Farm Park

Nestled in the outskirts of the market town of Abergele, Manorafon Farm Park is a fantastic, family-run farm, boasting plenty of activities for young kids and families. Explore all the farm has to offer and enjoy learning all about the interesting animals, from the resident llamas, to the cheeky meerkats, to the adorable piglets! You can purchase a bag of feed for just £1 at reception and be greeted enthusiastically by the park’s four-legged residents! Manorafon also host a selection of activities during peak seasons, including foam parties and tricycle rides. We’d highly recommend the excellently priced membership, which allows you to make your money back after a couple of visits. If you’ve got some curious and adventurous tots on your hands, this is the place for you.


Conwy Sightseeing Cruises

Pop your coat on and hop aboard the Conwy Sightseeing Cruise with your family! Enjoy the views of the idyllic seaside town of Conwy, and learn all about the rich history of North Wales’ hidden gem. The town’s famous castle was built for King Edward I in the 13th century, and is still standing today and is fully accessible to the public to take a look. With a selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and parks to visit, this little town is the hub of Welsh culture and history – not one to be missed, and is a fun activity for adults and kids alike!


Zip World 

We have a huge variety of adventures here at Zip World for kids and families of all ages to participate in together. From the UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind, to the world’s fastest zip line, we’re sure to have an adventure to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re a young family, we’d recommend checking out Zip World Fforest set in the stunning tourist town of Betws-Y-Coed. Here, kids from the age of 3 can get stuck into adventure activities, including a forest roller coaster style adventure and a trampoline style net adventure high up in the trees. 

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Top Five Family Activities: North Wales Edition

We may be a little biased, but we think North Wales is pretty cool.

You’ve got incredible, soaring mountain ranges sweeping over ancient quarries and pretty slate villages. You’ve got a gorgeous stretch of coastline, home to pristine beaches, idyllic islands and a huge variety of wildlife. You’ve got castles, ice cream shops, amusement piers and so much more.

Dotted among it all, as you might expect, are some excellent family days out for kids and parents alike to let loose and enjoy some well-earned quality time together. For days out, North Wales has a little something for everyone, from bike rides to Punch and Judy shows.

Snowdonia National Park 

Let’s start with the big one. Snowdonia is the jewel in Wales’ illustrious crown. This magnificent national park leaps right out of legend with its spectacular mountains giving way to shimmering lakes and rolling forest. For things to do with family, Snowdonia is unparalleled There’s a whole host of activities you and your family can get stuck into while you’re here. We recommend you start with the obvious: climbing up the mighty Snowdon, the centrepiece of Snowdonia. You can pick from six different paths that all lead to the summit at 3,560 feet high and we’d recommend the Llanberis path for families. It’s the easiest option and even has a halfway café stop for refreshments and replenishment. This handy guide is helpful for preparing for a Snowdon walk with your family – if you’d rather give yourself the chance to soak in the views however, you can always take the train!

Adventure Trail Abergele

There are few family things to do in North Wales that kids will love more than visiting the Adventure Trail in Abergele. Set among lush greenery and tall trees, Adventure Trail Abergele is a large natural playground for kids to go wild in. A smorgasbord of attractions awaits in the woods, including  balance beams, tunnels, stilts, trains, chain beams, cargo nets, pirate stations, swings, see saws, the spider’s web, mazes, slides, climbing walls, as well as a dedicated magical area for all the Potterheads amongst us! They also offer Harry Potter or pirate themed birthday parties to take your little one's special day to the next level. 


For that slice of pastel-coloured, golden-age, seaside goodness, look no further than enchanting Llandudno whose lively pier and timeless seafront make it one of the top family attractions in Wales. Two golden beaches stretch on each side of the town and to the north sits the indomitable Great Orme, a limestone headland which stretches out into the Irish Sea. There’s a few good family day out ideas to be had in these parts, offering a chance to enjoy the town or to get out in the natural world. Your first stop should be the classic Victorian pier that still straddles the sea – vintage attractions line the pier which kids of all ages will love. From here, head to the beach for a quick dip before continuing along the promenade for some ice cream and a traditional Punch and Judy show.

Caernarfon Castle 

As far as family experience days go, one of the best ways to combine fun family days out with some good, honest education is by paying a visit to the resplendent Caernarfon Castle. A medieval motte-and-bailey fortress stood over the waters of the Menai Strait, Caernarfon Castle is a wonderful place for families to visit, full of hidden chambers and castle walls to clamber through and discover. Today’s castle’s construction was finished in 1330, but a castle has stood watch over Caernarfon since the first was built by William the Conqueror and as such, a huge amount of history has passed through the castle’s court. Once you’re done, head out through the great doors to explore a bit of Caernarfon itself and uncover one of Wales’ most historical port towns.

Zip World 

We couldn’t publish a list of fun things to do with family in North Wales without dropping a bit of self-promotion now, could we? Here at Zip World, we’ve got a lot of options for families of all sizes and tastes. There are three sites to choose from, with attractions including the fastest zipline in the world, an underground network of trampolines and a forest roller coaster. We offer attractions for the adrenaline junkies, for the casual adventurer and for children of all ages, and as far as family fun day ideas go, you could do much worse.

For family days out, North Wales’ premier adventure destination is just a click away. Find out more about how to set up your own family fun day at Zip World here.

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Win a pair of tickets for our Valentine’s package this Santes Dwynwen

To celebrate ‘gwyl y cariadon’ this year, we’re giving two lucky lovebirds (or friends, of course!) the chance to win either 2 tickets to our Valentine’s event at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, or 2 tickets to our Valentine’s event at Zip World Fforest, which will both be held on the 14th and 15th of February. Enjoy either an incredible, locally-sourced 3 course dinner at our bistro-style Blondin Restaurant, after taking your love to new heights on either the world’s fastest zip line or the UK’s only mountain cart experience, or head over to Zip World Fforest for a go on the Fforest Coaster, Zip Safari 2 or Plummet 2 before tucking into a 3 course sharing meal!

Prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground? Take the more traditional approach and enjoy just the lunch, either 2 or 3 courses, from our bespoke Valentine’s menu.

To enter the competition, simply pop over to our Facebook page, and head to our top post. Like ours and Blondin Restaurant’s Facebook page, share the post and tag your significant other or friend in the post. Winner will be announced on the 31st of January, competition closes at 12pm on the 30th. Good luck!

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Love is in the Air at Zip World this Valentine’s!

Please note: With Storm Dennis hitting on Valentine's weekend, we're having to make a few amendments to our package offerings. If you've already booked, don't worry, our team will be in touch with options for you. If you'd like to book, give us a call on 01248 601444 and our friendly team will help!

Ditch the standard flowers and chocolate this year and treat the one you love to a real adventure. Whether you’re both adrenaline junkies or would rather a chilled-out meal for two, we’ve got some packages that’ll get you in the good books!

Let’s eat!

Grab your partner, friend or just someone that means a lot to you and treat them to a Valentine's lunch at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry or Zip World Fforest this 14th or 15th of February. Kick back and enjoy a bespoke, locally sourced Valentine’s menu at our modern bistro-style Blondin Restaurant, or opt for a more chilled out lunch at our woodland Fforest Caffi. Starting from just £16.99 per person. 

How about an adventure?

Penrhyn Quarry - After something a little more fast-paced? Try your hand at either Quarry Karts, the UK’s only mountain cart experience, or Velocity 2, the world’s fastest zip line, before tucking into your meals. These packages start from £49 and are the perfect option for those of you who want to kick things up a notch and ditch the traditional Valentine’s set-up!

Fforest - Step into our woodland adventure destination, and see who can ride the Fforest Coaster the fastest, test out the UK's only treetop surfboard of its kind on our new Zip Safari 2 adventure course or freefall together or the world's only tandem drop experience, Plummet 2! You'll have built up quite the appetite after your adventure, so kick back in the Fforest Caffi for a yummy 3 course sharing lunch. These packages start at £35, adventure and food included!

Dates, times and prices...

This is set to be a popular one, so we’re opening our Valentine’s packages up on both Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of February. Due to the inclement weather predicted for Valentine's weekend, we're having to make a few amendments to bookings, but your Valentine's lunch is still available until 3pm.

Velocity 2 Package: from £85 per person and 3 course meal at the Blondin Restaurant
Quarry Karts Package: £49 per person and 3 course meal at the Blondin Restaurant
Fforest Coaster Package: £35 per person for 3 goes on the coaster and a 3 course meal in the Fforest Caffi
Zip Safari 2 Package: £55 per person and a 3 course meal in the Fforest Caffi
Plummet 2 Package: £45 for 2 people and a 3 course meal in the Caffi

How do I book?

Click adventures in the booking bar at the top of this page and you'll see a list of Valentine's Day packages to select.




Menai mussels in a rich white wine cream sauce served with local chunky bread
Soup of the day served with local bread and welsh butter
Chicken liver parfait  toasted brioche with beetroot & chili chutney 
Smoked haddock Thai style fish cake with pickled cucumber & saffron and garlic aioli
Asparagus and poached egg with toasted cashew nuts   

Pan-seared hake served with crushed new potatoes roasted tender stem broccoli confit cherry tomatoes and a white wine sauce
Wild mushroom & truffle tarragon risotto roasted vegetables & parmesan crisp
Dry-aged welsh rump steak hand-cut chips, braised field mushrooms cherry tomatoes on the vine  with a peppercorn sauce
Braised shoulder of lamb with thyme-scented mash baby vegetables & minted red wine jus 
Welsh cured bacon chop with caramelised onions sauteed cabbage & smoked bacon sauce
Sharing 18oz tomahawk welsh steak with hand-cut chips,beer-battered onion rings, braised field mushrooms, confit tomatoes & peppercorn sauce (Supplement)

Glazed lemon tart with chantilly cream and mixed berry coulis
Warm chocolate brownie with local Môn ar Lwy vanilla ice cream
Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce & local Môn ar Lwy vanilla ice cream
Sharing Assiette a mixture of desserts to share
Welsh cheese board a selection of local cheeses served with homemade chutney, grapes celery and crackers (Supplement)



Soup - Roasted Tomato or Leek and Potato
Beetroot and Apple Salad
Garlic Bread on a bed of salad

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Chicken Risotto
Med veg Pasta
Steak and Chips

Eton Mess Cake
Welsh cakes and clotted cream
Vegan Cake option
Chocolate covered strawberries


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Zip World Unveil Zip Safari 2!

Our treetop adventure course has a whole new look!

Set near the popular Welsh town of Betws-Y-Coed, this is the ultimate treetop adventure for thrill-seekers!

Long before Zip World came to be, Treetop Adventure was the place to be. Our owner and president Sean Taylor set up Treetop Adventure at the now Zip World Fforest site in the heart of the Conwy Valley, establishing his reputation for creating exciting and unique adventures in the area.

Fast-forward almost 10 years later, the Treetop Adventure has developed into Zip Safari, and shares its home with 5 other adventures at Zip World Fforest. We’re excited to say it’s now evolved further.


What’s new?

We’ve developed a bunch of new innovative obstacles for you to get stuck into when traversing the treetops. We now have 8 new challenges, including the UK’s only treetop surfboard, and a coaster cart for you to fly from tree-to-tree on! Alongside this, we’ve installed an entirely new Kudu system, so once you’re clipped on, there’ll be no need for you to clip off. All you’ll need to worry about it enjoying your time on the course!

When can I book?

Zip Safari 2 is now open and available to book! Click here.

Who can have a go?

This adventure course is appropriate for any above the age of 9, and all participants must be able to reach 1.8m flat-footed. Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a participating adult. If you’ve got a few green-eyed kids now, don’t worry, our Tree Hoppers adventure course is a mini-version of Zip Safari 2, and perfect for little thrill-seekers over the age of 5.

How much is it?

No price change! Zip Safari 2 is still £40, so you don’t have to pay any extra for the new and improved experience.

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Zip World’s Next Big Adventure in South Wales!

Since 2013, Zip World has opened 3 sites in the heart of the Snowdonia Mountain range, bringing not only unique adventures to the area, but also creating hundreds of jobs for local residents and contributing £251 million to the North Wales economy in its first 5 years. Over the past 6 years, we’ve enjoyed every second of growing and developing in Gwynedd and Conwy alongside other fantastic businesses in the industry.

This is why we’re so pleased to announce that we will now be expanding the Zip World brand to South Wales, set in the iconic Rhigos mountain range. We can now confirm that Zip World Tower will be our 4th adventure destination, based at the old Tower Colliery site in the coal mining town of Hirwaun. 



As a brand, our focus when selecting a location is not only that it’s a truly stunning setting, but more importantly that it stands for something that we can all be proud of. The site is well known for its coal mining history, with many miners and their families still living nearby. Tower Colliery - ‘Glofa’r Tŵr’ - was the oldest continuously working deep coal mine in the UK and its closure in 2008 meant it was the last remaining mine of its kind in the South Wales Valleys. Its rich history runs deep in the local community, and it was the symbol of the miners’ resistance in 1990.  

The historic Tower Colliery site, which shut in 2008

Its Tower of Strength was Tyrone O’Sullivan OBE who led the team of miners to fight British Coal in 1995 taking the running of the pit into their own hands.  Tyrone comments “the Tower Colliery has always been a huge part of my life.  My father, and grandfather both worked and died in the mine. To me, Zip World is the spark that can reignite the Tower Colliery fire.  This is a legacy for the area, it’s an opportunity for my children and grandchildren to benefit. It is the final chapter in the great Tower Colliery story.”


Tyrone O'Sullivan (image: BBC Wales News) and Zip World President Sean Taylor



But which adventures can you expect to see at this site? Well, first of all we’re looking at opening a 4-person zip line , similar to Titan (Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales), which will see riders soaring over arguably the most stunning location to date along 3 zips, ending at the Tower Colliery. 

Sean Taylor, Founder and President of Zip World comments “As a business we’re always looking to push the boundaries.  We want to do for Welsh coal communities in South Wales what we’ve done for Welsh Slate in North Wales and create adventures that bring great tourism opportunities to the local area. I’m personally excited to work with the local communities and creating a lasting legacy and even having some fun along the way’’ 

We couldn’t be more excited to reignite life back into this historic site, and spark the new future which it and its miners deserve. Follow our Facebook page to learn more developments as they come in!


Zip World Titan, based at Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

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Planning submission for Zip World’s first site outside of Wales!

We here at Zip World are so excited to announce that we have now submitted planning documents for a potential new site – in Liverpool city centre.

With its close links to North Wales and bustling atmosphere, Liverpool is a natural choice for the latest Zip World adventure, which is set to be 2 zip lines spanning approximately 500 metres across the city centre, located at St John's Beacon.

If it successfully passes the planning stage, we’re looking at opening in 2021, with the zip beginning at St John's Beacon and finishing on the roof of the iconic Liverpool Library. Specially designed platforms will be installed to ensure the slick operation of the zip lines, so that they seamlessly become a part of the city. The UK’s first permanent urban zip will see riders soaring atop the city at around 450ft!

Zip World Founder and President Sean Taylor says “This potential new adventure to Liverpool is incredibly exciting to Zip World as a company – we’re hopeful that the dream of bringing our world-class North Walian adventures to our close neighbours in Liverpool becomes a reality.”

The view from the top of St John's Beacon, where the zip is set to be located

This will be Zip World’s first shot at opening a brand-new site outside of Wales, with our 3 flagship sites located in the heart of the Snowdonia mountain range, and a 4th on the way in the form of Zip World Tower, South Wales. This will be the UK’s first permanent city zip line, and will create local jobs, as well as compliment Liverpool’s fantastic reputation of being a bustling, exciting and innovative city. 

Zip World’s previous locations all link to rich industrial history, and Liverpool is no exception with its role in the Industrial Revolution. Liverpool and North Wales’ strong connection has existed for hundreds of years, from the migration of Welsh residents in the 1800s creating predominantly Welsh speaking areas in the city, to the excellent transportation links – not to mention the accent! We’re excited to further strengthen the link between the 2 beautiful locations and develop a close relationship with the residents of Liverpool as we’ve done here in North Wales.  

We’re excited to see where this journey takes us and we hope to be able to share further developments with you soon!

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The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal at Zip World

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all counting our lucky starts for the existence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year we wanted to bring you a deal that would take the hassle and stress out of the Christmas shopping, and give you a little helping hand as the holidays creep closer!

This year, we’re excited to share our 20% off Zip World Christmas Vouchers deal! If you wanted to gift a memorable adventure this year and thrill that stocking (get it!?) with something that won’t just end up in the back of the cupboard in a couple of weeks time, then now’s your chance! 

Give them that ‘wow!’ gift for less, and shop our entire range of adventures today – we have something that everyone will enjoy!

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Zip World Win a Go North Wales Tourism Award

We’re so pleased to announce that Zip World’s Quarry Karts, new to 2019, has won its place as Go Activity of the year! Awarded by Go North Wales, this marks as Quarry Karts’ first award, so it’s truly taken pride of place in our awards cabinet over at Penrhyn Quarry. 
Attending the ceremony were a few members of Zip World’s marketing team, Wesley, Marni and Joanna, as well as the Penrhyn Quarry ops team, Leah, Guy and Helen. 

A big thank you to Go North Wales and Venue Cymru for hosting such a fantastic evening of food, drinks and dancing. It was an honour to be recognised in such away alongside other fantastic local companies, all of whom work together endlessly to put North Wales on the map. 
A special mention must also go to our fellow nominees RAW Adventures, Wild Bushcraft and Anelu Aim High, as well as to our friends over at Llechwedd for taking home the Attraction of the Year Award. 

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Get 50% off your New Year’s Day adventure at Zip World!

2019 has been quite the year!

We’ve seen thousands of you fly the world’s fastest zip line, explore the UK’s only underground trampoline-style adventure and soar along the UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind. 

Thank you all so much for joining us for a year jam-packed full of adventure, and sharing some amazing moments with us, including the opening of our new Quarry Karts adventure!

To kick your 2020 off in the right way, not only have we decided to open ALL adventures on New Year’s Day, but we’re also offering you 50% off your NYD booking!

No catch. 

First come, first serve. 

This could see you racing along Velocity 2 at just £37.50, dropping on the world’s first tandem drop experience for £7.50 or taking on the UK’s first mountain cart experience for £20!



Use the green booking bar at the top of the page to pick your adventure and number of participants - when you choose the 1st of Jan 2020, the discount will apply automatically!

Regular restrictions apply. 

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NHS, Armed Forces and Emergency Services Staff can now Enjoy 50% off Zip World


It’s no secret that we’re incredibly lucky here in the UK to have such an amazing public health service. The NHS is the UK’s biggest employer, with over 1.5 million hard-working heroes, all of which work tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy. It’s also no secret how busy our blue-lighters are – especially with the winter season drawing in. 

What is the offer?
As a big big thank you to you incredible bunch of people (NHS, armed forces and emergency services), we’d like to offer you a huge 50% off ANY Zip World adventure, from now until the 31st of December 2019, to enjoy with your friends and family. We know time off is precious, and making memories with the ones you love during this time, even more so – we hope that this deal can help to make this possible, and leave you all with lasting memories of an exciting and unique experience. 

How do I claim the offer?
To claim the offer, you simply need to use your Blue Light promo code, BLUELIGHTCARD50 on checkout. You can use the discount for your basket of adventures – the rest of your party don’t need to be NHS or emergency services staff! Just make sure you bring your Blue Light Card on the day of your adventure to provide as proof on check-in, or you won’t be able to participate! Ts&Cs apply.

What if I don't have a Blue Light Card but still qualify for the offer*?
If you don't have a Blue Light Card but still qualify for the offer*, don't worry, you can use code SERVICES50 at check-out instead of the Blue Light discount code. Just be aware that you will need to bring proof of Emergency Services / NHS / Armed Forces ID with you on the day of your adventure, or you and your party will not be able to participate.

*The following qualify for this offer, and most show proof on check-in:  4x4 Response, Ambulance Service, Blood Bikes, Border Force, British Army, Cave Rescue, Community First Responders, Fire Service, Highways England Traffic Officer, HM Armed Forces Veterans, HM Coastguard, HM Prison Service, Immigration Enforcement, Lowland Search and Rescue, MoD Fire Service, MoD Police, Mountain Rescue, NHS, Military, Police, British Transport Police, Red Cross, Reserve Armed Forces, RNLI, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Search and Rescue, Second Line Responders, Social Care Workers, St Andrews Ambulance, St John Ambulance, UK Visas and Immigration

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