Carol Vorderman conquers the world’s fastest zip line and tests out brand-new Aero Explorer!

With her strong Welsh ties, Carol Vorderman grew up in the seaside town of Prestatyn and attended school in the neighbouring town of Rhyl. She makes it known how proud she is of her Welsh roots and loves heading back up to North Wales, to chill out and take a break from the hustle and bustle of her showbiz life down in the South of England. This trip, however, wasn’t as ‘chilled’ as she may have hoped! Her second visit to Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, this time the brave former Countdown presenter took her family along to try the iconic world’s fastest zip line, Velocity, and tested out the brand-new Aero Explorer adventure too.

Carol waits for the 'Countdown' as she conquers iconic Velocity zip line.

After taking part in some rather tough Bushtucker Trials on I'm A Celebrity... South Africa earlier this year, it takes a lot to rattle this fearless superwoman. After taking on the smaller zip line, Carol was raring to go and super excited to conquer the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity, located in Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda.

Velocity is not for the faint-hearted, and even Carol felt the nerves as she was carefully clipped onto the line. After the ‘tri, dau, un’ countdown (three, two, one in Welsh), the riders were released and sent rocketing over the impressively blue quarry lake, reaching speeds of up to 100mph+ for just under a mile long.

Sharing the souvenir video with her 391k followers, Carol substituted her glamourous attire for a helmet and goggles as she screamed and laughed her way down the famous zipline.

If you’d like to follow in Carol’s footsteps and conquer this bucket list adventure, click here to book Velocity.

Aero Explorer... Get me out of here!

If all that wasn’t enough, Carol and her family also took on Zip World’s newest addition to the Penrhyn Quarry family, Aero Explorer. This is no ordinary zip line, riders will take on twists and turns as they zig-zag around the unruly track, reaching speeds of up to 30mph. Carol described this adventure as the ‘sling you around’ Aero Explorer, and she’s not wrong! Watching her yelp as her body was sent swerving in every direction left her family in hysterics.

Aero Explorer has been a massive hit since its recent launch, so click here to book and find out what all the fuss is about.

A private beach + breathtaking views + hot tub = the perfect holiday retreat, Hen Cymyran.

After a jam-packed day of adventures, Carol and her family head back to Hen Cymyran, a holiday home that dreams are made of, located on the beautiful isle of Anglesey and not too far from our Zip World sites. Carol Vorderman describes Hen Cymyran as her ‘dream home’ as she enjoys sunbathing, paddle boarding and watching the RAF aircrafts whiz by on her annual Welsh trip. Sat proudly on the seafront and boasting impressive views from every angle, the Prestatyn-raised star can't get enough of this magical 8-bedroom retreat.

"All my fam, cousins, nieces, nephews, little ones...come over and stay and we lark around on the little beach, paddleboards, kids in the hot tub, wake up and walk 3 miles on an empty beach for a coffee in the village. No make-up. Don't care about anything. Chilling, laughing and smiling Yep. My heaven...”

For more information and to book your stay at Hen Cymyran, please click here.

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