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Catch an Early Flight or a Late Night with Velocity 2 Happy Hours!

Get your 10% off with our summer deal, from 7-9:40am and 4-7:20pm!

Velocity 2 Big Top


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With that pre-summer heatwave behind us, we can finally get back to our normal, gloomy Welsh summer that we all know and, err… love. The sun may have gone into hibernation for the time being, but we certainly haven’t. Our summery spirits are still high, so we want to spread a bit of the Zip World cheer by kicking off the summer season with a lovely little promotion for you!

The Details

We’d like to introduce you to our Velocity 2 Happy Hours deal! Note HOURS, not HOUR. We’ll be giving you that chance to grab 10% off your Velocity 2 booking at two different times of day. If you book a weekday slot, so Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am-9:40am or 4pm-7:20pm, we’ll knock that 10% off for you! To take advantage of this summery deal, click here, and we’ll give you your promo code. Simple!

Listen Up Facebook Friends

Fancy winning a free Zip World t-shirt too? When you join us for a Happy Hours Velocity 2 flight, make sure you take plenty of pictures, and upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... you name it. Tag us in your pics, using #happyhourheroes- our favourite picture of the week will be selected, featured on our Facebook page, and our happy hour hero will also be sent their free tee. So get tagging!

Whether you’re catching an early flight, or having a late night with us, we’ve got you covered. Couples, families, parties, corporate groups all welcome! Come and have an amazing adventure with us! See you there.

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