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Trick Or Treat Yourself in North Wales This Halloween

Looking for some chilling activities, things to do and places to stay this spooky season? In celebration of our second consecutive year of Ffear Fforest, Snowdonia’s biggest scare-fest, we’re excited to share with you North Wales’ top terrifyingly good Halloween spots for a trip you’ll never forget!

So what’s on?

This year – we’re playing host to a frightfully fearful Halloween event at our Zip World Fforest adventure park. Immerse yourself in our terrifying clown-themed world from the 25th - 31st October, and take on 3 of our adventures activities in the dark – will the runaway clowns catch you? Ascend 365m through the dark forest on the Cursed Coaster with family and friends, creeping further and further from civilisation on this rollercoaster-style experience. Hold your nerve as you’re faced with the undead circus-dwellers that have long since been forgotten, before making your escape back down the mountain, twisting and turning along the gravity-fuelled track. Speed back down at 45mph for a quick exit, or silently and stealthily return, using the breaks provided.
Next, come face-to-face with your worst fears as you enter The Nets. This trampoline-style treetop extravaganza will see you escaping the hoard of runaway clowns, as they chase you from chamber to chamber. You can run, but you most certainly can’t hide in this vast arena, which includes slides, narrow walkways, and plenty of space for bouncing. Keep your wits about you though, the clowns will always find you.  If you’re after another bump in the night, there’s always the option of a spooky add-on. Get that adrenaline pumping as you plummet 100ft in the dark on Nightfall. Grab someone you trust and cling on for dear life as you experience the closest thing to a freefall without using a bungee together. Night passes will cost £25, and include 2 goes on the Cursed Coaster, and access to the Nets all evening - upgrade to add Nightfall!

This is a 9+ event, so if you’re looking for something for the little ones, we’d recommend visiting Zip World Fforest during the daytime for child-friendly frights, or popping over to our friends at Spookwood! Situated at Greenwood Forest Park, there’ll be plenty of activities for your little monsters to get stuck into, including creepy crafts, face-painting for all and Halloween themed shows.
For those of you who want to come face-to-face with some real spooky figures, why not try out a ghost hunt? Gwrych Castle in Abergele and Penrhyn Old Hall in Llandudno both offer ghost hunt experiences by night, where their specialist teams will take you to the most haunted spots so that you can feel the fear for yourself. Not for the faint-hearted, these experiences will make that Halloween trip all too real!

Where to stay?

For all you ghost hunters, we’re got a fair few options in the North Wales area to enjoy that paranormal fix. Stay for the weekend at the Warner Leisure Bodelwyddan Castle, a popular spot for those who are intrigued by ghouls and ghosts. Supposedly one of the most haunted buildings in the area, we challenge you to spend a couple of nights in this impressive castle! It’s even been visited by the Most Haunted team!

Or step back in time to the 16th century, with the Gwydir Castel Hotel in Llanrwst, situated just 3 miles from Ffear Fforest. Paranormal activity had been consistently documented here since the 19th century, and they even do Ghost Hunt experiences! Apparently a young lady has been seen creeping the corridors, we wonder if you’ll spot her too?

For a full list of accommodation in the area, head here

Places to Eat

With so many diverse and delicious options in the area, it would be difficult to narrow this down; however if you’re looking to refuel after your night at Ffear Fforest, we’d recommend giving the Castle Hotel in Conwy a visit. Situated in the heart of Conwy, this 12th century restaurant has an eclectic menu, suiting all tastes. Of course, a building this old doesn’t come without its fair share of spooky stories either – the night porters have a few tales to tell!

Or why not kick back for some local delights at Lle Hari. This restaurant based in Llanrwst will give you that lovely, cosy safe space to plan the rest of your terrifying trip, whilst indulging in the Welsh, homemade menu. 

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