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The Fastest Zip Line Just Got Faster - The Launch of Velocity 2

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Introducing Velocity 2

We're so excited to announce that we've doubled the capacity at Velocity - meaning that FOUR riders can now fly through the rugged Welsh scenery together.

With a steeper decline (now 20 degrees), achieve speeds of 0 - 60mph in just 10 seconds!

The brand new experience features custom made technology developed by our world class team, to increase speed, accessibility and comfort for our riders and spectators alike.


The Fastest Zip Line in the World just got Faster


The new development offers a completely different experience for riders from kit up to landing as they soar through the air at speed, 500 feet above the lake in Penrhyn Quarry.

The new launch-pad features a specially engineered bed that is lowered for takeoff, increasing accessibility for people with mobility issues. The trolleys feature state of the art technology - making the zip wire quieter so that riders feel even closer to flying. The new patented braking system allows for a quicker and smoother arrival.

It’s a better experience for spectators too. The new location for the ‘little zipper’, the first zip line of the Velocity experience, is located directly in front the Adventure Terminal.

Don't forget, you can watch all this action from the Blondin Restaurant... so come hungry!


Book your extraordinary Velocity 2 experience now! 

Posted by Carly on 8th March 2018

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