Adrenaline Adventures

It should come as no surprise to anyone really, that here at Zip World, we’re pretty big on adrenaline.

It’s always been our goal to get your adrenaline glands pumping and your excitement levels soaring and as for things to do for adrenaline junkies, our extensive sites have got something for even the most daring of devils.

In this blog, we’re going to give a rundown of our finest of adrenaline adventures at the heart of beautiful North Wales!

Velocity 2

It’s the big bad beast of the quarry and of Zip World – it’s Velocity 2! For adrenaline activities in North Wales, as the fastest zipline in Europe, Velocity 2 is the unbeatable champion for thrill-seekers. Think 1555 metres of being suspended over crystal clear waters, travelling at speeds of over 100mph against a glorious backdrop of pure Welsh beauty. There really is nothing like it in Europe and there are few experiences as exhilarating in the UK.

We’ll hook you and up to four of your friends and family onto the zipline and let you loose to soar over Penrhyn Quarry - for posterity’s sake, you can also rent one of our Revl cameras to capture your live reaction to our record-breaking 100mph zipline.

Plummet 2

Picture it: deep in the heart of a Welsh forest, you’re stood on a trapdoor on a 100ft platform. Suddenly, a trained supervisor pulls the lever and the trapdoor opens, seeing you plunge through the floor and into the space beyond!

That’s what you’ll have ahead of you with a visit to our dizzying Plummet 2. Bringing you the closest experience to freefall possible, without doing the actual thing, Plummet 2 is one to get the adrenaline burners firing. You’ll be connected to a harness with a friend (weight limits apply) and after a safety briefing, down you go, through nearly 100ft of drop between you and the ground. How’s that for a shot of adrenaline?

Quarry Karts

Thrills and adrenaline so often go hand in hand, and we’ve paired the two up on our superb Quarry Karts! Head down a specially-designed course through the unforgettable surroundings of Penrhyn Quarry. The mountains of Snowdonia give way to dirt track as you negotiate sharp banks, through tunnels and down steep mountainside runs. As far as adrenaline days in our adventure park go, this is unique, leaving you in complete control, twisting and turning your cart to your heart’s content.

It's a great social activity to, as you can take to the course with up to 12 of your friends and family in high-octane descents to the bottom.

Adrenaline adventures for kids

Adrenaline isn’t just for grown-ups!

We’re no kids' adventure park by any stretch, but Zip World is full to the brim of thrilling adventures and experiences suitable for children, from our Fforest Coaster, which zooms through the trees of our Fforest area, to our Bounce Below underground trampolines, suspended in a disused mine shaft. We’ve also got zipline adventures, tree hopping, tree climbing nets and a sky swing, each one offering that perfect little shot of adrenaline for younger audiences. Come see for yourself and give your children the gift of a day they’ll never forget!

For more on our extensive list of adrenaline activities for all ages, be sure to visit us at

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