Cameras now included with Skyride 2 and Plummet 2 bookings!

We’re now including cameras with every Skyride 2 and Plummet 2 booking! These 2 adventures, based at our Fforest site, Betws – Y – Coed, North Wales, now offer the chance to take the memories home, with an instantly accessible video to share with friends and family.

This is a historic blog post; some information may be out of date or no longer relevant. For all recent updates please head to our homepage or feel free to call us on 01248 601444 if you require any assistance.

These adrenaline-fuelled adventures previously had no camera solution, and while we always encourage guests to capture and share thier experiences with us, the high-octane nature of these adventures made that a challenge! We've now created a safe and effective solution that works for everyone.

Skyride 2  is one of Europe’s largest swings, with space for 5 to be seated, winched to a height, and then released! It is up to a member of the group to pull the release, sending everyone flying to beautiful views of the Conwy Valley. Plummet 2 is the world’s first tandem drop experience, where you drop 100ft through trapdoors, before being lowered safely to the ground by our Powerfan system. This is the closest you’ll get to a freefall without a bungee!

We’ve now worked closely with View Point Cameras to create a safe and effective camera solution, with these nifty compact cams. On Skyride 2, the camera will be attached to the handlebars in front of the guest, whilst on Plummet 2, it will be attached to the helmet on a boom, allowing the camera to see the face.

Once the adventurer has finished, the camera will be docked and a ticket will be printed instantly, with a unique QR code, which can be scanned. Once scanned, the footage will appear, and can be immediately downloaded to a phone or shared to social media.vThis is included in the ticket, so no need to pre-book the cameras!

Plummet 2 and Skyride 2 are both available to book now!

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