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Ffear Fforest 2018- That’s a Wrap

From a weekend themed Coaster evening, to a 16 day full blown Halloween takeover, we were dreadfully pleased to introduce Ffear Fforest.

The preperations began months in advance, with teaser videos circulating facebook, zombie workshops, costume fittings and prosthetic make-up sessions.

Starting from 6:30pm each evening, Ffear Fforest was the only Halloween experience of its kind in North Wales, with frightful twists and turns at every corner. 4 of our popular Zip World adventures underwent a horrifying make-over, and people were flocking with their Night Passes from all over. The Night Pass included 2 rides on out terrifying Fforest Ghoster. It was spooky enough climbing through the trees in the dark, without mentioning the terrifying ghouls that waited for you at the top, the screams in the night, and the blood-red lighting. Our friends at Visit Wales particularly enjoyed the Ghoster, with their Facebook live going down a scream. 

Up next on the Pass was Zombie Nets. This was not for the faint hearted! Hoards of zombies awaited on Treetop Nets, which was spookily lit and incredibly eerie! Every now and then, if you’re unlucky, the clown would make an appearance too. Everyone ran for their lives along the nets whilst being stalked, watched and chased after by the zombies. Well done to those who made it out in one piece!

Additions to the Night Pass included Plummet 2 Hell and Screamride. The newly launched Plummet 2 saw a hellish twist, with the grim reaper lurking around the base, did you spot him? The 100ft trapdoor drop was engulfed in mist and dim red lighting, giving this frightful adventure even more of a fearful edge. Screamride is both thrilling and petrifying during the day, let alone when done in the dark with the screams in the chilling woods surrounding you. This giant swing definitely claimed plenty of victims!

Zombie hunters stopped for a re-fuelling session at our burger van and Fforest Coffi hut, before setting back out into the night. Did you also spot our selfie station? Don’t forget to upload your pictures using #ISurvivedFfearFforest to be in with a chance of winning a few Zip World wintery goodies!

A big thank you to our friends at Worldspan for working with us on the huge project, it’s certainly paved the way for future holiday events, watch this space!

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