Ffear Fforest, North Wales’ Ultimate Scare-Fest is Back!

This is a historic blog post; some information may be out of date or no longer relevant. For all recent updates please head to our homepage or feel free to call us on 01248 601444 if you require any assistance.

A night of frightening fun in the Fforest

This Halloween half term, the peaceful woodland of Zip World Fforest, North Wales, transforms into a creepy carnival themed extravaganza. Brace yourselves for the return of the clowns and face your wildest fears as you’re submerged into this ultimate Halloween spook-fest. Expect frightening clowns at every turn, as well as the terrifying night-rides that you love to hate.

What’s included in the Night Pass?

Night Passes start from just £30 and include all-night access to the terrifying clown infested ‘The Nets’, as well as 2 rides on the notorious Cursed Coaster. Explore the unnerving woodland as you escape the evil clowns who are lurking in the shadows. If all that isn’t enough to make your blood curdle, add an optional extra such as Nightfall or Screamride to your ultimate night of fright.

Secure your Night Pass here.

The Nets

Your Night Pass will give you all night access to The Nets. Woven within the towering trees, navigate your way through this bouncy, unpredictable netted maze. Will you end up cornered by the clowns, or will you run for your life along Europe’s longest net walkway? You can run, jump and slide, but you certainty can’t hide…

Cursed Coaster

Night Pass holders can catch a cart with a fellow clown-hunter or brave it alone, the Cursed Coaster is a terrifying alpine ride that will take you along over 1km of track through the disturbing woods. You’ll be in control of the cart’s speed as you flee from the clowns creeping in the shadows. Race around the dark woodland with just a minuscule headlight to guide the way. Will you escape, or will the clowns stop you in your tracks?


Available Separately- Requires Night Pass. What’s worse than dropping 100ft through a trapdoor? Dropping 100ft through a trapdoor in complete darkness! Take on the stomach-churning Nightfall, where you’ll stand atop the 100ft tower, and wait in suspense until the trapdoors open beneath you, plummeting you to the ground. You’re lowered safely of course, but we can’t promise there won’t be an unwanted visitor waiting for you at the end. 


Available Separately- Requires Night Pass. If you’re desperate to escape the clowns, why not take a seat on one of Europe’s largest swings, and take a moment to catch your breath as you’re hoisted 24m up into the air. The calm is short-lived as a brave member of your group pulls the cord and sends you all flying through the piercing sky. This stomach-dropping adventure is a terrifying, adrenaline-fuelled experience suitable for up to 5 people at a time. You may escape the clowns for 10 minutes, but you’ll need to face an entirely different fear all together…

Where, when?

Ffear Fforest will be at Zip World Fforest, Betws Y Coed from the 17th of October until the 1st of November and is a sell-out each year, so don’t miss out on securing your tickets.

Kids must be at least 9 years of age and Night Passes, as well the optional extras, are available to purchase on our website by clicking here.

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