Flights For 4; Enjoy Zip World’s Latest Group Booking Offer This Summer!

Not only is Velocity 2 the world’s fastest zip line, but it’s also unique in the sense that it boasts 4 parallel zip lines, all spanning 1555m each. It’s easy to say, this is the ultimate group experience, giving riders the opportunity to soar side-by-side along the stunning Penrhyn Quarry setting.

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That’s why, this summer, we’d like to introduce you to our latest offer, Flights For 4. This will give any group of 4 the opportunity to fly for less, saving you up to 24% on your booking. Reach speeds of up to 100mph+ for just £300 per group of 4 and enjoy all the world’s fastest zip line and Europe’s longest has to offer together. This offer applies to our peak sessions too!

This is the perfect opportunity to hop on board and take on Velocity 2 with your friends, family, colleagues, party, hen or stag group. Enjoy the 2 different zip lines side-by-side; the smaller ‘Little Zipper’ to dip your toe into the experience and get a feel for the flight, before heading up the mountain in our famous red truck and diving head first into the ‘Big Zipper’ itself. 
The biggest question is, who will reach the end first?!
Make the most of this special offer and get yourselves booked in now and make this a summer to remember with those special to you! If you were thinking about it, this is your sign.
To book, select Velocity 2 in the booking bar at the top of this page!

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