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Halloween at Zip World Returns with Ffear Fforest

Smile, it's back. And you haven't seen anything yet.

We’re bringing Halloween back to Snowdonia this 2019, with North Wales’ biggest scare-fest, Ffear Fforest. Face your fears as you’re immersed into the spooky circus-themed world at Zip World Fforest, Betws-Y-Coed, and escape the clowns on our frightful adventures by nightfall. If you’re looking for things to do this Halloween, we’re dying to see you. 

Come face-to-face with your worst fears as you enter The Nets. This trampoline-style treetop extravaganza will see you escaping the hoard of runaway clowns, as they chase you from chamber to chamber. You can run, but you most certainly can’t hide in this vast arena, which includes slides, narrow walkways, and plenty of space for bouncing. Keep your wits about you though, the clowns will always find you. 

But maybe first, you’ll want to try your chances on the Cursed Coaster. Ascend 365m through the dark forest on your own cart, creeping further and further from civilisation on this rollercoaster-style experience. Hold your nerve as you’re faced with the undead circus-dwellers that have long since been forgotten, before making your escape back down the mountain, twisting and turning along the gravity-fuelled track. Speed back down at 45mph for a quick exit, or silently and stealthily return, using the breaks provided.

Both Cursed Coaster and The Nets are included in your Night Pass, available at just £25 per person. If you’re after another bump in the night, there’s always the option of a spooky add-on. Get that adrenaline pumping as you plummet 100ft in the dark on Nightfall. Grab someone you trust and cling on for dear life as you experience the closest thing to a freefall without using a bungee together.

Refuelling will be essential whilst you’re on-site, so why not head over to the Zip World Fforest Caffi to indulge in a menu of horrors, or grabbing that much needed coffee to go in our Fforest Coffi hut. 
Whether you’re joining us for the full Ffear Fforest experience, or enjoying the Night Pass adventures, bring warm clothes, a tough nerve, and leave your fear of clowns at home…

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