Investing in the Future

It’s important, now more than ever, that we all do our bit for the environment. Whether it’s using a bamboo straw instead of a plastic one, or trawling our beaches for rubbish, no deed is too big or small.

It’s no secret that we’re a developing company- we create more and more job opportunities each year, we build new adventures, we broaden our horizons… but what do we give back to this amazing planet that makes all of this possible?

We want to talk you through our most recent eco-friendly footsteps, which comes in the form of five BMW i3 beauties. Our hard-working staff often travel in between our three sites, along our adventure highway (which you can take a look at here) and keep the Zip World cogs turning. As you can imagine, this little commute a few times a week can eventually rack up quite the carbon footprint. Cue BMW. This investment has resulted in five of these electrically powered vehicles joining the Zip World family. 

They charge on site and are good to go. No fuel needed, so they give off zero harmful carbon emissions and are a true leap forward in terms of sustainability. This is as eco-friendly as it gets! Keep an eye out for them in the area, you can’t really miss them!

“Zip World's ambition is to cause as little environmental impact from our business as possible - both across our three sites and along the North Wales, Adventure Highway, between our locations” Sean Taylor, Co-Founder

The amazing team at BMW delivered them to our spectacular Penrhyn Quarry site, home to the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2. Co-founders Nick Moriarty and Sean Taylor (both pictured below) welcomed them to the family on Friday- we think Zip World mascot Basil quite liked them too! We were joined by Daily Post photographer David Powell, who conducted a little interview with Sean. He touched on why sustainability and taking care of the environment is so important to Zip World. Check out the article here.

Don’t forget to let us know what else you think we could be doing to help save the planet. We’ve already made steps in our Blondins Restaurant by changing up our packaging, and updated our recycling facilities, but any more tips and ideas are welcome!

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