Keep Cool in the Caverns: Underground adventures for all the family to enjoy this summer!

Zip World Llechwedd is the ultimate all-weather site and is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking to either get out of the rain- or in this week's case, the scorching sun.

Sweaty sleepless nights and sore sunburn are just a handful of the many effects caused by the record-breaking high temperatures hitting the UK this week. Keep cool in the caverns of our Llechwedd site in Blaenau Ffestiniog, where our impressive underground caverns are a refreshing 7°C all year round.

If you’re looking for ways to keep cool during the heatwave, Zip World Llechwedd is home to 4 epic underground adventures, allowing you to escape the heat while visiting the historic mine in the most unique ways possible.


Caverns is a fan favourite and involves exploring the breathtaking caverns via zip lines, via ferratas, rope bridges, tightropes and more. Caverns is a one-of-a-kind experience that can take up to 3 hours, leaving you exhilarated and exhausted in equal measure. The perfect day out for families with older children, stag dos and couples, Caverns is a challenging yet fun adventure that requires real teamwork and encouragement to help each other around the course.

Bounce Below

If you’re not quite up to the challenge, Bounce Below is right next door, where you can let loose in the same unique setting on our bouncy trampoline-style nets. Unleash your inner-thrill seeker on our enormous underground net adventure. Jump, bounce and slide your way through this stunning disused mine, with 6 trampoline-style nets built into an area twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, there’s plenty to see in this subterranean paradise.

Deep Mine Tour

Looking for something less strenuous but still want to visit this amazing mine? Hop on Europe’s steepest cable railway and learn all about this iconic mine’s 16 underground levels. Take a step back into the 19th century as you’re submerged 500ft below into the rich history of the Llechwedd mine. Learn all about the work undergone by the former miners by one of our knowledgeable tour guides and experience this truly moving and thought-provoking experience.

NEW: Underground Golf

This July we’ll be opening the doors to the world’s first subterranean adventure golf. Underground Golf is a 18-hole course, set 500ft below the ground in a disused cavern. Enjoy the impressive display of lighting and interactive elements as you putt your way through the course’s exciting and unique levels, with 4 floors to tackle. The mine’s interesting history will be weaved throughout the course too, so as you go head-to-head with your friends, you may learn a thing or two too!

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