Meet Zip World’s Mental Health First Aiders

Say hello to our fantastic 14; the Zip World Mental Health First Aiders who will be working to make a difference amongst their teams.

At Zip World, the health and wellbeing of our staff is a top priority, and mental health is no exception. To support and encourage our teams when needed, we have assigned each site with a couple of Mental Health First Aiders, who will be on-hand to offer support, advice or simply an ear to our team members.

These fantastic 14 volunteers were trained by the wonderful Vanessa at Glad 2 Training, who coached our MHFA on how to respond to and support their colleagues who may be needed that little extra help at the moment, especially with the pandemic paving an uncertain path ahead for many people.

Our MHFA team will be offering talks, raising awareness and conduction mental health sessions throughout 2022 and beyond to their colleagues. Well done team, we’re proud of you!

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