Planning submission for Zip World’s first site outside of Wales!

We here at Zip World are so excited to announce that we have now submitted planning documents for a potential new site – in Liverpool city centre.

This is a historic blog post - the information may no longer be relevant or accurate. Please head to our website homepage for all updated information, or feel free to contact us on 01248 601444 if you require any assistance.

With its close links to North Wales and bustling atmosphere, Liverpool is a natural choice for the latest Zip World adventure, which is set to be 2 zip lines spanning approximately 500 metres across the city centre, located at St John's Beacon.

If it successfully passes the planning stage, we’re looking at opening in 2021, with the zip beginning at St John's Beacon and finishing on the roof of the iconic Liverpool Library. Specially designed platforms will be installed to ensure the slick operation of the zip lines, so that they seamlessly become a part of the city. The UK’s first permanent urban zip will see riders soaring atop the city at around 450ft!

Zip World Founder and President Sean Taylor says “This potential new adventure to Liverpool is incredibly exciting to Zip World as a company – we’re hopeful that the dream of bringing our world-class North Walian adventures to our close neighbours in Liverpool becomes a reality.”

The view from the top of St John's Beacon, where the zip is set to be located

This will be Zip World’s first shot at opening a brand-new site outside of Wales, with our 3 flagship sites located in the heart of the Snowdonia mountain range, and a 4th on the way in the form of Zip World Tower, South Wales. This will be the UK’s first permanent city zip line, and will create local jobs, as well as compliment Liverpool’s fantastic reputation of being a bustling, exciting and innovative city. 

Zip World’s previous locations all link to rich industrial history, and Liverpool is no exception with its role in the Industrial Revolution. Liverpool and North Wales’ strong connection has existed for hundreds of years, from the migration of Welsh residents in the 1800s creating predominantly Welsh speaking areas in the city, to the excellent transportation links – not to mention the accent! We’re excited to further strengthen the link between the 2 beautiful locations and develop a close relationship with the residents of Liverpool as we’ve done here in North Wales.  

We’re excited to see where this journey takes us and we hope to be able to share further developments with you soon!

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