Scott Quinnell and Gareth Wyn Jones conquer Velocity 2 in aid of Doddie Aid!

On Friday 6th of January, Zip World Penrhyn Quarry welcomed Welsh Rugby legend Scott Quinnell, the nation's favourite farmer Gareth Wyn Jones, as well as two competition winners, Mari and Cerys, down to Bethesda in North Wales to conquer the world's fastest zip line, Velocity 2. The day was all in support of Doddie Aid, a mass participation event that encourages people to get active by completing miles and raising vital funds for Motor Neuron Disease.

Doddie Aid, founded by former Scotland captain, Rob Wainwright, brings people together for 6 weeks from the 1st of January and over the last two years has seen over 30,000 participants cover 4 million miles, raising over £2 million for the Foundation. The event splits participants into six districts, with the winner being the one district that covers the furthest distance over the duration of the event…This is where Scott Quinnell comes in!

Scott Quinnell, Welsh Rugby legend and a good friend of Sean Taylors, has been appointed the captain of the Wales district and therefore is a fundamental part of the Doddie Aid fundraisers here in Wales. Scott had previously conquered Velocity a staggering 28 times, however, Gareth Wyn Jones just couldn’t find the courage to join him, until today. Gareth, a popular TV farmer with a big following on social media, told us that his legs were like jelly and that he was very apprehensive but keen to give it a go to support Doddie Aid.

Velocity 2 is the world’s fastest zip line, reaching speeds of up to 100mph over the stunning Penrhyn Quarry. The zip is just about a mile long and therefore the perfect place to get those miles in for Team Wales and this meaningful cause. All the participants had a great time, including the two competition winners, not even the wind and rain could ruin the fun.

Scott and Gareth feel very passionate about Doddie Aid, a charity that helps in the search for a Motor Neuron Disease cure. MND is a disease which affects the motor neurons of the nervous system. It is life-shortening and progresses rapidly, with 1 in 300 people at risk of developing this disease in their lifetime.

To get involved or to donate to Doddie Aid, please click here.

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