Take 2 With Plummet 2

We're now taking advance bookings for our new adventure, Plummet 2!

Who remembers Plummet?

It lived happily at our Zip World Fforest site for years and saw hundreds of you jumping off its 100ft drop platform. Its life span sadly came to an end last year, but fear not, we now have something twice as good coming your way…

The Original Plummet

Say hello to Plummet 2. Similar in concept, but twice the fun.

Launching in late October, it will be the world’s first tandem drop experience! You and a friend will get the chance to drop 100ft through a trapdoor, side by side and be lowered safely to the ground by our newly developed POWERFAN technology. 

Co-Founder Nick Moriarty's original Plummet 2 drawing vs the concept art

Rather than the original Plummet experience of climbing to your drop, a walkway will lead your both straight from reception to the trapdoor platform. Luckily, this experience is located right next to our Fforest caffi, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for your celebratory tea and cake afterwards!

Plummet 2 Concept Art

We're taking bookings for Plummet 2 now, so secure yours and your friend's spot ready for October right here!


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