Where Snowdonia and Zip World Rocks began

Where Snowdonia and Zip World Rocks began


Snowdonia Rocks

You may have seen that we’ve partnered up with Love Hope Strength this year with their Snowdonia Rocks Walk, introducing a new element to the day, Zip World Rocks! We’d like to share a bit of background on who Love Hope Strength (LHS) are and how Snowdonia Rocks began.

“Love Hope Strength Foundation as a charity promotes innovative, music related, outreach and awareness programmes for leukemia and cancer sufferers, survivors and their families. The charity raises awareness and recruits potential donors to the organ and bone marrow registers.”

How Snowdonia Rocks Began

Just over 10 years ago, when Mike, LHS co-founder, two-times cancer survivor and internationally acclaimed singer of Welsh rock band The Alarm, was receiving treatment in the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, he made a pledge to climb Snowdon as soon as he got well enough to do so.

It was here that his plans to give back to those who had cared for him, and who continue to do so, and to help others with a cancer diagnosis first began to form. It was here that the ideas behind Love Hope Strength were born.

Over the past ten years, since Mike’s dream of getting back on Snowdon after his leukaemia diagnosis and intensive treatment, and thousands of people have now summited Snowdon as part of LHS’s Snowdon Rocks. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised to support people with cancer and life changing friendships have been created on the mountainside. In recent years partnerships have been built between LHS and the NHS charity, Awyr Las, and international charity DKMS which have seen the numbers of people taking part in Snowdon Rocks, and the incredible impact of the fundraising taking place, increase dramatically.

After a hugely successful ten years of summiting Snowdon in all weathers, Mike has now decided to refocus Snowdon Rocks, adapting the day to make it even more special.

With a different hike planned; more music and adventure; new important partnerships; a desire to open up the day to different age groups; introduce more people to new areas of Snowdonia; and recognition that we need to reduce the adverse environmental impact that challenge events are having on Snowdon itself, we present Snowdonia Rocks.

“It’s not always about the summit, but how far we’ve come.”

Snowdonia Rocks promises to be a family friendly, inclusive day with more music, more opportunities to take in some of the wonders of Snowdonia and a chance to reflect, remember and celebrate friends and family affected by cancer and other life changing and life limiting illnesses.  

The passion, fun and positivity of Snowdon Rocks remain. So what’s changed? For a start, we are so happy to have come on board to sponsor and host Snowdonia and Zip World Rocks.

  • Snowdonia Rocks is a 20km hike which will take in the views of the spectacular Devil’s Kitchen
  • Largely on flatter terrain, this walk is suitable for many of those who were unable to take on Snowdon but remains a good challenge for all walkers
  • Communal feel to the day with more opportunities for impromptu offerings of music during the walk
  • On the day registration and the start and finish points of the walk will be at Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda
  • 48 Velocity Zip Wire Challenges - the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe - available for hike participants at the end of the hike.
  • Zip World Rocks, an evening of quality entertainment curated by Mike Peters, presented with the impressive backdrop of Penrhyn Quarry will follow the walk (additional tickets must be purchased)
  • Snowdonia Rocks hike: £20 for 18s and over, free for under 18s
  • Zip World Rocks evening of music: £15 for over 18s, £5 for under 18s.
  • VIP packages £50 per person for over 18s, £20 for under 18s
  • Proceeds of Snowdonia Rocks and Zip World Rocks will support LHS’s three grant schemes: the Get On The List programme; equipment and new facilities in UK hospitals; support for cancer services across the globe, helping some of the most vulnerable families in underdeveloped countries.

We hope to see you there! Please make sure you book your tickets to avoid disappointment.

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