Zip World holds Bounce Below’s first ever underground gig for Year of Outdoors!

The gig, celebrating a talented bunch of Welsh artists as well as the fusion of the indoors and outdoors in Wales, is the first of its kind to be held at Zip World Bounce Below, making for a pretty spectacular music venue!

Gracing the underground were talented artists Kizzy Crawford, Bryde and Alffa, an eclectic mix of Welsh sounds. Kizzy’s melodic sound with a Bajan twist kicked off the evening, whilst the gig-goers bounced away on the nets. At just 23 years old, Kizzy is making waves in the industry, with her bilingual tracks and smooth vocals. Next up, Bryde, a Pembrokeshire-born singer songwriter who’s now based in London. Bryde’s relaxed vibes bounced around the cavern, creating an electric atmosphere with just her voice and guitar. Headlining the set were Alffa, the most streamed Welsh band in history, having reached 3 million spotify streams on their 2 singles. Alffa’s rock influence had everyone on their feet, and closed the show with their hit single, Gwenwyn.

The Gig in the Cave was the first of its kind for Bounce Below. The event celebrated Visit Wales’ Year of Outdoors, merging the beauty of the Welsh indoors and outdoors. A big thank you to 2 Can Productions and Cowshed for arranging the event to be the success it was!

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