Zip World Unveils Plans to Host 3 Week Easter Event

Following the great success of Ffear Fforest, we decided to take yet another holiday under the Zip World wing and are incredibly excited to announce our Easter plans!

From the 6th to the 28th of April, Zip World Fforest will take on an exciting new persona and become Dragon Fforest, the ultimate family destination this Easter holiday!
The event will not be ticketed, you’ll just book your adventure as usual, and enjoy the Easter themed spin when you arrive! Join our new mascot, Ffion the Dragon and her friend Zippy the Bunny on their quest for Easter adventure.

The adventures you can expect to see transformed will be;

  • Fforest Coaster: The UK’s only alpine coaster of its kind becomes the Dragon Flyer! Spread your wings and soar through the Welsh woodland at up to 25mph. Don’t forget to count the treasure on the way up- you’ll have 3 attempts to guess the correct number!
  • Treetop Nets: Introducing Treetop Quest! Take on this bouncy net adventure, high up in the trees and discover all it has to offer! Explore each nook and cranny to find clues and crack the Easter puzzle! 
  • Tree Hoppers:  Spot and collect the Easter treasure as you make your way along this mini treetop adventure course. Zip, climb and leap your way to the end of Hoppity Hoppers… how much treasure will you collect?

Each of the above are sold separately, at their standard price (head here to choose your adventure). Alongside these adventures, free of charge you can participate in the exciting Easter egg hunts around the Fforest site, as well as crafts and getting that selfie with Ffion the Dragon! If mum or dad buy a coffee, you can even do some shortbread decorating! 

All other Zip World fforest adventures will also be open and available to book. 

Prices start from just £13.


Book the Fforest Coaster, Treetop Nets or/and Tree Hoppers as usual on their booking pages. When booked between the 6th - 28th of April, your pass will automatically be upgraded to the Easter pass. Just choose your date and we’ll do the rest! Don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01248 601444 to book over the phone.

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