Zip World’s Next Big Adventure in South Wales!

Since 2013, Zip World has opened 3 sites in the heart of the Snowdonia Mountain range, bringing not only unique adventures to the area, but also creating hundreds of jobs for local residents and contributing £251 million to the North Wales economy in its first 5 years. Over the past 6 years, we’ve enjoyed every second of growing and developing in Gwynedd and Conwy alongside other fantastic businesses in the industry.

This is why we’re so pleased to announce that we will now be expanding the Zip World brand to South Wales, set in the iconic Rhigos mountain range. We can now confirm that Zip World Tower will be our 4th adventure destination, based at the old Tower Colliery site in the coal mining town of Hirwaun. 



As a brand, our focus when selecting a location is not only that it’s a truly stunning setting, but more importantly that it stands for something that we can all be proud of. The site is well known for its coal mining history, with many miners and their families still living nearby. Tower Colliery - ‘Glofa’r Tŵr’ - was the oldest continuously working deep coal mine in the UK and its closure in 2008 meant it was the last remaining mine of its kind in the South Wales Valleys. Its rich history runs deep in the local community, and it was the symbol of the miners’ resistance in 1990.  

The historic Tower Colliery site, which shut in 2008

Its Tower of Strength was Tyrone O’Sullivan OBE who led the team of miners to fight British Coal in 1995 taking the running of the pit into their own hands.  Tyrone comments “the Tower Colliery has always been a huge part of my life.  My father, and grandfather both worked and died in the mine. To me, Zip World is the spark that can reignite the Tower Colliery fire.  This is a legacy for the area, it’s an opportunity for my children and grandchildren to benefit. It is the final chapter in the great Tower Colliery story.”


Tyrone O'Sullivan (image: BBC Wales News) and Zip World President Sean Taylor



But which adventures can you expect to see at this site? Well, first of all we’re looking at opening a 4-person zip line , similar to Titan (Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales), which will see riders soaring over arguably the most stunning location to date along 3 zips, ending at the Tower Colliery. 

Sean Taylor, Founder and President of Zip World comments “As a business we’re always looking to push the boundaries.  We want to do for Welsh coal communities in South Wales what we’ve done for Welsh Slate in North Wales and create adventures that bring great tourism opportunities to the local area. I’m personally excited to work with the local communities and creating a lasting legacy and even having some fun along the way’’ 

We couldn’t be more excited to reignite life back into this historic site, and spark the new future which it and its miners deserve. Follow our Facebook page to learn more developments as they come in!


Zip World Titan, based at Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

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