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Ffear Fforest

Included in your
night pass

Cursed Coaster

Dewch i deithio drwy'r goedwig gudd ar ein Fforest Coaster-Calan Gaeaf. Bydd syrpréis brawychus rownd bob cornel. Byddwch chi'n siŵr o gyrraedd y gwaelod, ond tybed beth fydd hanes eich enaid...

Wedi’i gynnwys yn y Tocyn Nos

The Nets

Sbonciwch drwy'r jyngl o rwydi, tra'n ceisio osgoi'r clowniaid dychrynllyd. Rhedwch ar hyd rhodfa rwydi hiraf Ewrop er mwyn dianc... neu a fydd y clowniaid yn eich dal chi...?

Wedi’i gynnwys yn y Tocyn Nos

Book a Night Pass

*Telerau ac amodau’n berthnasol. 2 dro ar Cursed Coaster a mynediad i The Nets drwy’r nos.

Available Separately


Ydych chi am fentro disgyn 100 troedfedd trwy drapddor y Nightfall. A fydd y clowniaid creulon yn aros amdanoch chi yn y gwaelod, neu fyddwch chi'n goroesi'r gwymp?

Ar gael ar wahân (Bydd Angen Tocyn Nos)

Archebwch Nawr


Send you and your friends flying through the forest at the dead of night on Screamride. But will anyone hear you scream in the dark?

Ar gael ar wahân (Bydd Angen Tocyn Nos)

Archebwch Nawr

  • Halloween Fun

    What a cracking night! We wanted to do something fun with our teenagers for Halloween and the Fear Fforest, didn’t disappoint! It was well run and organised, from the moment we left the car we were scared by the spooky characters, they were lurking in the woods but not in your face. We went on the ghoster which was very spooky, the figures jumping out at you and touching your hand in the dark was very scary! Loved it! Then bouncing in the Zombie Nets was great fun, the characters in there were fantastic, very scary, terrified my girls but my son loved them and kept finding them to chase the girls which was very amusing! My son even gave them his own names, Gary the Gas mask man and Charlie the Clown were his favourite. All the characters were very professional and worked very hard! I am terrified of clowns and I was very impressed that the Clown picked up on this and didn’t chase me, this was very much appreciated! If you get chance to go, do, it is a fantastic night! We will definitely be going back in the daylight in the summer!

  • Frightfully fun

    Excellent experience at zip world forest in Betws Y Coed my family and I went to experience the Halloween theme, it was well worth the price, zombies on the nets was great made us adults feel like we were kids again.. and to see my partner screaming as she was chased by zombies was just hilarious... and the coaster ride was brilliant IN THE DARK! Staff are very helpful and friendly and a big plus is it’s in a beautiful part of the country. Highly recommend attraction for all ages.

Where you'll
find us

Zip World Fforest
A470, Betws-y-Coed, LL24 0HX, UK

9 yrs +

Archebwch eich tocyn ymlaen llaw o £30 a mwynhewch Galan Gaeaf ar safle Fforest Zip World rhwng 7:30pm a 10:30pm. Bydd eich tocyn yn rhoi mynediad i'r Rhwydi, dwy reid ar y Fforest Coaster ynghyd â'r holl bethau brawychus eraill sydd gennym ni ar eich cyfer. Archebwch eich tocyn nawr, os ydych chi am fentro.

Archebwch Nawr

Limited Passes Available. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before making a booking.

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