Medical Restrictions


You will probably be able to take part, but please discuss with the Adventure Booking Team so we are aware of your visit, enabling us to best assist you.


Please discuss your needs further with the Adventure Booking Team to ensure we can adapt to make the adventure accessible for you.


We apologise that you are unable to take part at this time due to safety restrictions. We would not want any of our customers to increase their level of risk beyond our safety parameters and therefore you cannot participate. Zip World is a rapidly expanding and evolving business and in the future we may be able to accommodate your needs.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list of updates for increased access please send your details to

Amputee Approved
Anklosing Spondylitis Warning
Any nose or throat disease causing breathing difficulties Denied
Arrhythmias Warning
Asthma Warning
Atrial Fibrillation requiring anticoagulant medication Warning
Audio Impairment Approved
Behavioural disorder Warning
Benign heart palpitations Approved
Bone Cancer Denied
Brittle Bones Denied
Broken Bones
No surgery and a minimum of 4 weeks since broken
Cancer effecting breathing Denied
Cancer Patients Warning
Cardiomyopathy Warning
Catheter or colostomy bag Warning
Cerebral Palsy Warning
Cerebral Vascular Attack/ CVA (stroke) or Transient Ischemic Attack/ TIA (mini stroke) Warning
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME Approved
Congenital Heart Disease Warning
COPD requiring nebulisers or previous hospital admission Warning
Current blood clot on lungs/ PE Denied
Cystic Fibrosis Warning
Dementia or Brain injury Warning
Drug or Alcohol intake Denied
Epilepsy Warning
Fibromyalgia Warning
Heart attack/ Myocardial Infarction Warning
Hemophilia Denied
Hyperextension joints or connective tissue disorder, e.g. Ehlers-Danlos or Marfans Warning
Infectious disease, E.G. Current chicken pox, whooping cough. Denied
Inflammatory / Irritable bowel syndrome Approved
Insulin dependent Diabetes Warning
Learning disability Warning
Low blood pressure, prone to fainting Warning
Mild COPD easily controlled with inhalers and never required hospital admission. Approved
Mild Form of Arthritis Approved
Mild Gout Approved
Moderate to severe heart failure Denied
Multiple Sclerosis Warning
Muscular Dystrophy, e.g. Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy Warning
Myasthenia Gravis Warning
Neck or Spinal weakness and increased risk of injury or surgical implants to stabilise Denied
Neurodevelopmental disorder Warning
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoporosis Warning
Pacemaker, fitted device Warning
PMLD profound and multiple learning disability Warning
Pregnancy Denied
Previous or Current Retinal detachment Denied
Severe Anaemia Denied
Severe COPD, on portable or home Oxygen. Denied
Spina Bifida Warning
Uncontrolled high blood pressure Denied
Unstable Angina/ Ischaemic Heart Disease. Denied
Untreated Psychosis Denied
Valvular Heart Disease Warning
Visual Impairment Approved