Monsters of the Mine

South Wales' ultimate scare-fest

11th October - 2nd November 2024

7:00pm - 10:30pm

Halloween returns to Zip World Tower this year, with the infamous Monsters of the Mine immersive experience. Not just any old scare-fest; the terrifying horde of underworld monsters and the petrifying, unique adventures in the dark make this an event you won’t forget in a hurry, nor will you find one quite like it anywhere else. Eerily set in a former coal mine and with 4 different Night Passes available from just £25, look no further for a truly terrifying Halloween experience in South Wales.

From £25.00pp

There are 4 different Night Passes to choose from, all passes include access to the monsters. Book Your Night Pass

4 different Night Passes to choose from

Terror Coaster & Cursed Climber Night Pass

If you prefer to stick within the thick of the action, this Night Pass is for you. Centrally located, both of these twisted adventures are conveniently set right next to check-in and will place you in the thick of the Monsters’ paths. With the rewarding challenge of the Cursed Climber and the sit-back-and-enjoy nature of the Terror Coaster, this pass is a good all-rounder for someone who wants the best of both. All Night Passes include access to the site and the Monsters all evening too.

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Terror Coaster & Fear Flyer Night Pass

Perfect for those who're looking to stay within the thick of the action; the Terror Coaster a Fear Flyer combo will see you soaring along the site's lower level on a zip and on a track. With the Monsters roaming and playing their tricks all the same, the Terror Coaster will have you darting and weaving around the site in your 2-seater cart, whilst the Fear Flyer will have you zip-lining along 3 separate zones while the Monsters roam below. All Night Passes include access to the site and the Monsters all evening too.

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Phoenix Night Pass

This Night Pass is the ultimate option for an adrenaline-junkie. Our 620m zip line in the dark will be sure to get your heart racing, not to mention the monsters lurking around the start and finish...

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Spectator Night Pass

Not keen on adventuring? Spectator’s Passes are available for those who’d like to come along and soak up the Halloween spirit, from just £5. You'll still get to watch the carnage unfold on the adventures, get up-close and personal with the Monsters of the Mine, and enjoy some cocktails. If you change your mind, you can always include an added extra to your Spectator's Pass.

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The Adventures

Terror Coaster

With just your headlamp to guide the way, Europe’s first 2-seater coaster of its kind becomes the Terror Coaster when the sun goes down. Weave along the old coal mine, either braving it alone or with a friend, as you dart around 1km of track in the terrifying darkness. Choose to fly around the track, or take it at your own pace; either way we guarantee you’ll be dying to try this unnerving experience again and again – luckily you get 2 rides included in your Night Pass.

Cursed Climber

As if tackling 69 obstacles set across 3 storeys wasn’t challenge enough, try that in the eerie darkness and mist with a hoard of monsters waiting below. Adventurers on the Cursed Climber will ascend the UK’s largest adventure course of its kind with the terrifying monsters of the mine waiting below for their next meal… Climb, traverse, jump; do whatever you can, just don’t look down!

Fear Flyer

A bit closer to the ground and a less adrenaline-inducing version of Phoenix, Fear Flyer will have you zipping across 3 separate zones whilst the Monsters await below. Enjoy the time spent in the air as you escape the horrifying horde.


Pair the adrenaline of flying the world’s fastest seated zip line with the terrifying thrill of experiencing it in the dark and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Halloween adventure. Kit-up in your harness and head to the top of our Bravo zip line, where monsters will await to taunt you as you embark on this thrilling and unique adventure. A real show-stopper and what we’re best known for, this zip lining experience with a terrifying twist isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry.

Food & Drink

The Cegin Glo Bar and Bistro, whilst not a safe space from the Monsters, will at least see you through your adventure with plenty of hot and cold food available. As a tasty treat, we’re bringing back our special Halloween cocktails once more! Indoor and outdoor seating available.

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Meet the Monsters



The Monsters of the Mine leader, Tyrant will sit back and watch his minions do the hard work whilst
he plots every move from the depths of the mine, only appearing when he has a taste for blood. A ruthless creature, Tyrant doesn't care who he scares; old, young, confident, shy... he's merciless with his victims.

The Watcher

The Watcher

Usually seen creeping around the entrance of the mine, The Watcher has no eyes, but can sense your presence. Move slowly and carefully, and he may not catch you; but run and scream and he will know you're there. Don't fall victim to The Watchers's seemingly slow pace.



With cracked skin and piercing red eyes from hundreds of years spent underground, Roach doesn't take lightly to intruders in his mine. A pesky monster with a temper, he will chase you down and out of his home; the only escape is on the zip lines above, or the Tower Climber, where he cannot reach you.



Boisterous and unyielding, Gruel doesn't care who you are; he's out to get everyone and anyone. Whether you're in your car, checking-in or even tucking into some food, Gruel is coming for you. Keep your doors locked if you don't want an unwelcome visitor!



Skreacher hasn't had a chance to use those rows of sharp, flesh-tearing teeth for years while he's been trapped underground; so no doubt he'll be on the hunt for his next meal over Halloween. Those white eyes can see well in the dark, so there's no point hiding in the shadows when he's around.



Slow but strong, Tusk may now be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he makes up for it in brawn. He's spent years underground, building his strength and waiting for his moment to strike.



There have been whispers of Coblyn within the Welsh mines for hundreds of years. He's said to have been haunting the mine, and is now heading above ground to haunt the unsuspecting guests at Zip World Tower. Once he's done wreaking havoc with his cheeky ways, he will head back underground where he belongs once more. Until next year.



Donned in his traditional kilt and ready to cause chaos, Callan has joined Monsters of the Mine from a remote Scottish lowland quarry, with a quest to help his Welsh monster pals rid the area of humans. Stay clear of his horns, which are sharp and dangerous. He's been known to chase and is the master of jumpscares.

The Executioner

The Executioner

Revelling in the pain and torment of his victims, The Executioner is always on the hunt for someone to be part of his twisted games. Ready to grab you at any time, we'd recommend running fast in the opposite direction when he's around. Usually found creeping around the carpark or terrorising adventurers as they wait to embark on the Phoenix adventure.



A gamemaster of sorts, Spike loves to torment his victims. Usually seen near the Tower Climber, Spike will pop up from every direction and taunt you from below as you try to make your escape. Easily disguised in the dark, he loves the sound of screaming humans as he jumps out from the shadows.

Yr Afanc

Yr Afanc

Crept from the depths of Llyn Fawr to join the Monsters of the Mine, Yr Afanc
 will stop at nothing to protect what is his. With zippers flying up ahead, he's on the hunt to rid the area of all humans who have long disturbed his peace.

Survivor Reviews

  • Had an amazing night at zip world for the Halloween event last night!

    Had an amazing night at zip world for the Halloween event last night. 

    Highlight was definitely when my 2 daughters locked themselves in the car, crying because the monsters scared them. 2 monsters then decided to open the doors and get in with them, no amount of screaming or crying was going to stop these monsters lol. 

    Luckily I was there though, sadly I had to get some things from the boot and because it was raining, I had no time to help my daughters. It was over after a few minutes lol. 

    Was great, zip wire is so much fun and the workers did an incredible job. Best of all, the children loved it, after about 20 minutes they actually went looking for monsters to chase them and even had a conversation with 1 very creepy vampire which was their favourite. 

    Big shout out to the people working at the zip wire, my youngest was crying (again) because she was scared. They assured her it would be fun and spent extra time making sure she was ready before opening the gates to let her go down. 

    She loved it and wanted to go back on it straight away. 

  • Spooky and Fun Halloween at Zip World Tower

    Me and my friends visited the monsters of the mine Halloween night at Zip World Tower and had an amazing time! The monsters were so realistic, I was so scared (in a good way!) they put on such a great show for the adults and children. 

    We did the Phoenix zip line, which in the dark was incredible! We completed the Tower Climber which was so much fun, and after all that we enjoyed a delicious hot dog and cocktail. 

    The staff were excellent!

    We really enjoyed ourselves, it was so nice to do something different. 

    Thank you to all at Zip World! 

  • Monsters of the mine!

    We had an amazing time!! A great atmosphere and the monsters were in brilliant masks/costumes. It was scary and fun at the same time.

    The new high ropes course is fab and the time went so quickly, we didn’t stop laughing! A great night that was suitable for everyone, there were families, groups of friends and couples too. Nailed it! 

    Food was lovely as usual. 

    We loved it and was such a different experience from when we’d been before in the daytime. 

    The staff were all so friendly and helpful all throughout the evening! Will definitely be back, hopefully for Zipmas ☺️ 

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