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Owl Squirrel

Zip World introduces a brand new educational programme inviting teachers to escape the classroom and bring lessons to the great outdoors. Tying in key components from the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 & 3 the 'Gravity in Geography' package will include detailed lesson plans, worksheets and powerpoint for pre, during and post the visit.

Educational Packs


Download our free starter pack now and take a look at how we can help bring Science and Geography to life this term!



Fear not secondary schoolers! Key stage 3 packages are coming soon…

Coming Soon


Betws-y-Coed, LL24 0HX

from £13pp

Available Now

Slate Caverns

Blaenau Ffestiniog, LL41 3NB

from £15pp

Coming Soon

Penrhyn Quarry

Bethesda, LL57 4YG

from £18pp

Coming Soon

In the Elements

Children who get the opportunity to learn outdoors regularly are more curious, self-directed and likely to stay with the task longer. Spending time in nature can additionally help improve moods and increase happiness encouraging children to appreciate nature and grow up wanting to protect the environment around them.

Learning Support

Zip World will provide pre-visit lesson plans to help build excitement in the classroom. There will also be a full activity booklet to use during the visit to keep children focussed but also to have fun. Teachers will receive answer booklets to support students during the excursion.

Real-Life Examples

During the programme pupils will be exploring the ecological surroundings of the Welsh landscape where they will examine real-life gravitational forces in caves, forests and quarries. A brilliant way to bring gravity and geography to life rather through technology that is fun, engaging and memorable.

Adventure Design

Once back in the classroom, lesson plans are provided to support pupils with extended thinking and understanding from what they have learnt so far. Activities will encourage pupils to put into practice what they have learnt by designing their own adventures taking the environment and sustainability into consideration.


You're free to bring your own packed lunches or take advantage of our on-site restaurant and cafe facilities.
It's best to bring your pencil cases and bags but if you forget, don't worry we'll have pencils on-site that you can have to fill your activity booklets in.
No, we don't yet have water stations, but we do have a restaurant and cafe to re-fill water bottles or buy drinks.
We have easily accessible toilets on all of our sites.
We can accommodate school groups sizes of 20 - 250 dependant on adventures being participating in.


Fforest Coaster

The UK’s only alpine coaster, the Fforest Coaster is an unbeatable adrenaline experience for ages 3 and over, boasting twists and turns aplenty as you speed through the trees down one kilometre of track.

A toboggan style roller coaster on the edge of Snowdonia, it’s located particularly close to the ground so you get an incredible sense of speed, reaching up to 25 mph. Not just an adventure for thrill-seekers, however, you can control the brakes, meaning you can go as fast (or as slow) as you dare! Three goes are included with each ticket, so you can really push the course to its limit on your final run!

Should the worst happen with some wet Welsh weather paying a visit, canopies are fixed to the sledges, keeping you dry in all conditions, with the forest environment also making the coaster particularly well sheltered from wind. If you’re considering it as a day out for kids, it’s a great choice as children between 3 and 8 can share a sledge with an adult (or an older child), while still feeling in control and involved.

On board cameras are available to hire to capture your footage, using AI technology to edit a unique, shareable video with friends and family following your adventure. You can also pay a visit to Fforest Caffi or Fforest Coffi for a delicious bite to eat, with plenty of picnic benches or undercover space to enjoy it. Zip World Fforest is a stone’s throw from Betws-y-Coed, and just 25 minutes from the North Wales coast of Conwy & Llandudno.

Zip World Fforest
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3

Treetop Nets

If you’re looking for an outlet for your kids during weekends or school holidays, Treetop Nets at Zip World Fforest is the perfect choice. A bouncy net adventure similar to trampoline parks, it’s an ideal way for little ones (and big kids!) to burn off their energy and get some exercise in the great outdoors.

Home to Europe’s longest net walkway, Treetop Nets is suspended 60 ft high in the trees, with a series of nets pulled between them to create the ultimate bouncy adventure. Across 250 metres of walkways and several larger netted areas, you can bounce, hop, jump, slide and have a great time in a stunning, natural setting. Being in a forest, it’s also sheltered from high winds and can be enjoyed whatever the weather (just make sure you dress appropriately).

Kids from the age of 3 are able to take part with an accompanying adult, and they’ll love exploring all the treehouses and discovering the slides dotted around the site. An hour of bouncing is included in each ticket, which will be more than enough to leave even the most energetic explorer exhausted and ready for bed! If you just need a quick pitstop before getting back to it, we have two cafes on site serving hot & cold food & drink.

Zip World Fforest
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3

Plummet 2

The world’s first tandem drop experience, Plummet 2 is an incredible 100 foot tower with a trapdoor drop that’s the ultimate test of your white-knuckle credentials. After climbing a set of steps up the tower, you’ll stand on a trapdoor either alone or with a friend and, after a countdown (or not, if you want a true heart in mouth experience!), the doors will release and you’ll experience the closest thing to freefall.

Plummet 2 is at the top of the North Wales adventure bucket list and is the perfect adventure for couples with its dual-drop option (weight limits apply). It’s also a good choice for team building, corporate days or stag and hen parties – will everyone in your group feel brave enough to drop? Children from 7 and up can also drop in tandem with an adult, so you could even put your family’s bravery to the test while having a brilliant day out with the kids. As you stand on the trapdoor, you’ll enjoy unparalleled views out over the Conwy valley (if you’re able to given the expectation of the impending drop!). The tower itself is covered, so it’s an ideal adventure whatever the weather.

Following your adventure, why not try one of the other activities at Zip World Fforest? Or, you could stop for lunch at our Fforest Caffi or Fforest Coffi. Located just five minutes from Betws-y-Coed, it’s your one-stop-shop for an action-packed day of adventure.

Zip World Fforest
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3

Bounce Below

Unleash your inner-thrill seeker in our enormous underground net adventure! Jump, bounce and slide your way through this disused mine on the best playground ever!

Zip World Slate Caverns’ Bounce Below is a unique experience, which allows you to escape into a world of hidden adventure. So, whether you’re a big kid looking for an hour of the most fun you’ll ever have on a net or if you have little kids of your own looking to have a blast, you’ll love Bounce Below! Spectator tickets are also available if the idea of all that bouncing around is a bit much for you!

With 6 trampoline-style nets built into an area twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, there’s plenty to be explored in this subterranean wonderland.

Bounce Below also isn’t the only adventure we have at our Slate Caverns site. If you fancy more fun, you could try our zip line: Titan 2 or, traverse our underground course and explore with Caverns. Located within the Snowdonia adventure hub of Blaenau Ffestiniog, it’s just 25 minutes from Porthmadog and the Llyn Peninsula beyond, and less than 45 minutes from Conwy and Llandudno.

Zip World Llechwedd
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3


The perfect introduction to the world of adrenaline adventures and zip lining, BIG RED. Once calling Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales its home, it now resides at Zip World Llechwedd.

BIG RED features two side-by-side lines, making it perfect for friends and family to race each other to the end. The zip wires are suspended 30 feet high, and are located at the landing point for Phoenix, the fastest seated zip line in the world. It’s a great way for younger kids that can’t take part in Phoenix to feel involved (BIG RED has a minimum age of 5).

Two goes are included with each ticket, after which you could enjoy a delicious meal at the Llechwedd cafe, before taking on one of our other adventures.

Zip World Llechwedd
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3

Penrhyn Quarry Tour

Zip World Penrhyn Quarry is well known as a place to experience high speed, high adrenaline adventure, but it’s also home to the Penrhyn Quarry Tour. A great opportunity to learn all about the history of this iconic location, it’s a 90-minute trip up to the top of the quarry at 1,500 feet above sea level, taking in stunning views of the Ogwen Valley, Menai Strait and Snowdonia National Park.

Once you embark on one of our red ex-army trucks, you’ll be treated to an in-depth tour by an experienced guide of what is the oldest slate quarry in the world. What was also once the world’s largest manmade pit, it’s now filled with brilliant blue water creating a truly stunning spectacle. From the top, you’ll be able to watch the brave zippers taking part in Velocity 2, the world’s fastest zip line, while keeping your feet safely on solid ground! Once you’ve completed your tour you can enjoy tea & cake back at our Blondin Restaurant, which is also on hand serving locally sourced food & drink in case you’ve worked up more of an appetite following your epic adventures!

Zip World Penrhyn Quarry
Key Stage 2Key Stage 3

On-site Facilities

Picnic Areas

Enjoy a bite to eat in the great outdoors, to stunning views of the Snowdonia Mountain range!

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Coach Parking

We boast plenty of space for coaches, busses and mini vans in our on-site car parks.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Free Parking

Unlimited free-parking for you and your party in our on-site car parks, with dedicated disabled parking bays and electric charging points.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Indoor Facilities

Typical Welsh weather? Enjoy our fully-kitted, comfortable indoor spaces.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Accessible Toilets

All of our indoor toilet facilities are easily accessible to everyone.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Gift Shop

From clothing, to stationary to sweet treats, we’ve got something for you to take home.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Disabled Access

Our sites are designed and our staff are on hand to make your experience as easy as possible!

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Free Wifi

Enjoy free, super-fast, unlimited wifi on each of our sites.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns

Tuck into a locally-sourced, homemade menu or grab a quick snack for the journey home.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns

Make use of our quiet workspace areas to kick back and relax or put pen to paper.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns

Keep your possessions safe and sound as you adventure away, for just £1 per locker.

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns
Electric Charging Points

Driving eco-friendly? We have electric charging points at each of our sites to make that journey from A to B a smooth one!

FforestPenrhyn QuarrySlate Caverns

We're proud to hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for all of our adventures and sites across North Wales. We're dedicated to offering amazing experiences to school groups and hope they'll remember their time with us and apply what they've learned outsisde, inside.

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