Plummet 2

The closest thing to freefall

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This is one for the daredevils! Plummet 2 is the world’s first tandem drop experience, and will see either a solo adventurer, or a pair, drop 100ft through a trapdoor, before being safely lowered to the ground. Not for the faint-hearted, Plummet 2 is the closest thing you can get to a freefall without jumping out of a plane, and is guaranteed to get any heart pumping. The perfect experience for anyone over 7, adrenaline junkies and couples who want to create some exhilarating memories.


Why it's the perfect gift

Tandem or single free fall through a trapdoor

100ft high in the air

Breathtaking views of the Conwy valley

Land on the forest floor

Zip World's Rating ForPlummet 2

Adventure Level 3

For The Fearless

Challenge Level 2

You've Some Control

Adventure Levels

If the person you're buying for is fearless, Level 3 Adventures are the vouchers to look out for. For those who like to kick back or err on the side of caution, you should choose a Level 1 or 2 Adventure - there may still be a small element of height or movement involved but you can be confident they'll love their experience!

Adventure Level 1

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Adventure Level 2

You'll Need Your Wits

Adventure Level 3

For The Fearless

Challenge Levels

Some of our activities require a good base level of fitness, strength or skill. Others you can sit back and enjoy the adrenaline rush and let our talented team do all the work for you.

Challenge Level 1

We're in Control

Challenge Level 2

You've Some Control

Challenge Level 3

You're in Control

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