Fly through the forest on Zip World’s giant swing!

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An adrenaline-junkie’s dream, or perfect for someone who wants to jump out of their comfort zone, Skyride is Europe’s largest 5-seater swing. With space for 5, adventurers will find themselves suspended 24m in the air, with stunning views of the Conwy valley, before being released. What’s better is one lucky member of the group will also do the honours of pulling the release rope to send everyone swinging at a height!


Why it's the perfect gift

Giant 5 seater swing

Swing from 80ft in the air

The power is in your hands as you get to pull the trigger

Breathtaking views of the Conwy valley

Zip World's Rating ForSkyride

Adventure Level 3

For The Fearless

Challenge Level 1

We're in Control

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