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What To Wear

Zip World Velocity & Zip World Titan:
Prepare for all weather! For the colder days, it is strongly advised that you wear gloves whilst participating and we recommend wearing sensible warm/waterproof clothing. For those warmer summer days, still consider you are in a mountainous environment and temperatures will be significantly lower. However, shoulders must be covered i.e. no strappy vests, and shorts are permitted but must be knee length.

Zip World Caverns & Bounce Below:
The activity is based in an underground cavern where the temperature is approximately 10 °C. Please wear suitable clothing that covers your arms and legs, preferably old garments in the likelihood of dirt/damage occurring. For Caverns, please wear either trainers or walking boots; for Bounce Below, please wear trainers.  Open toe shoes, flip flops, sandals or similar footwear are not permitted.

All Zip World activities:
Long hair should be tied back, all jewellery and scarves to be removed and skirts are not recommended.
On your feet, please wear trainers or walking boots - open toe shoes, flip flops, sandals or similar footwear are not permitted.

Zip World reserves the right to refuse admittance should appropriate clothing not be worn.

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