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The Longest & Fastest Zip Line in Europe

Zip World Open DayZip World has the longest and fastest zip line in Europe  “The Nearest Thing to Flying”!!

This adrenalin fuelled tourist attraction is a first for the UK, and is located in the most dramatic of settings – Penrhyn Quarry which is nestled amongst the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales.

The Zip World site contains two specially constructed and spectacular zip lines, the first will take you down to the bottom of the quarry where you will pick up your specialised vehicle for a magnificent quarry tour, before zip lining back for a mile to the start.

Just recently we have been fortunate to have BBC News and the BBC One Show visit us to run a feature on the quarry and the zip line. Also Blue Peter who sent Barney over to tackle the zip line and the Daily Mail also ran a feature on us too which has been fabulous and we look forward to seeing you here very soon.

You will be reaching speeds of up to 100 mph and you will be traveling 500ft above the mountain lake so be ready for a ride of a lifetime! Please take a look at our booking page for prices and restrictions.

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