Monsters of the Mine is back in South Wales this Halloween, October 2023!

After a successful debut last year, South Wales’ ultimate Halloween scare-fest is back with a bang this October. Monsters of the Mine, located in Aberdare, South Wales, will see Zip World Tower undergo a gruesome make-under, every night from the 13th of October until the 1st of November. Are you ready for plenty of jump-scares, growls, and creepy cackles from the moment you enter the car park to the moment you leave? As dusk settles over the Rhigos Mountain Range, our unique Halloween event comes alive, where brave visitors will come face to face with our swarm of sinister monsters, as well as our daunting adventure activities at night!

Take a deep breath. This is what to expect...

Zip World are experts in delivering heart-in-mouth moments, and this Halloween spook-fest is no different. Our Monsters of the Mine event will see fearful visitors tiptoe their way around this eerie former coal mine, while helplessly avoiding the horrifying monsters who’ll be hiding in places you'd least expect.

Unlike your average scare-fest, the blood-curdling fun doesn’t stop at the jump-scares… We’ll be taking our world-class adventures and giving them a terrifying twist, so if being chased by a growling monster from your nightmares isn’t enough to raise your heartbeat, take a deep breath and get ready to take on our adrenaline-fuelled adventures by nightfall. And when hunger strikes, there will also be plenty of spooky snacks and refreshing creeptails available at the Cegin Glo Bar & Bistro too!

The adventures available are:


The world’s fastest seated zip line just got scarier... Watch your back as you wait anxiously for your turn, before being clipped onto the Bravo zip line (2nd Zip Line) and determining your fate. Going alone isn’t advised, so with 4 lines side by side, take your friends and family soaring through the darkness, reaching speeds of 55mph+ on this ultimate fearsome flight.

halloween activity in the dark

Terror Coaster

Twist and turn through the dark tunnels of Europe’s first two-seater roller coaster of its kind and hold on tight as you zoom across the 1k of track, guided by just a mere headlight. Reach speeds of up to 25mph as you race around the terrifying Zip World Tower site, but will it be fast enough to escape the rapid creatures lurking behind you? You’ll be in control of the coaster’s speed as you flee from the menacing monsters. Will you escape, or will the Monsters of the Mine stop you in your tracks?

Cursed Climber

Have you got what it takes to conquer, not only your fear of heights but your fear of darkness too? The Cursed Climber is a 3-storey adventure course, designed to test your nerve as you take on 55 different elements and obstacles. Put your guts, agility, and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test, against a backdrop of piercing darkness and with hungry monsters waiting below. Remember, don’t look down!

scary climbing frame in darkness for adultsFear Flyer

Perfect for brave children and nervous adults looking for a safer way to explore the site. Take on three mini ziplines, set well away from the intimidating monsters' reach. Will you zip to safety, or will the lurking creatures be waiting at the other end?


Monsters of the Mine is ideal for those on both ends of the scaredy cat scale. Starting from £25 for off-peak times and £30 for peak, we’re offering a range of Night Pass tickets that aim to impress every kind of Halloween enthusiast. All Night Passes include access to the site and the Monsters all evening.

halloween scare fest south wales monster

Night Pass - Terror Coaster & Cursed Climber

If you’re looking for a challenge but also love a thrill, our Terror Coaster & Cursed Climber Night Pass is ideal for you. Both adventures are within the thick of the action and centrally located, making this pass a good all-rounder for someone who wants the best of both under-worlds. 

Book yours HERE!

Night Pass - Terror Coaster & Fear Flyer

A Night Pass for those with slightly less nerve; the Terror Coaster and Fear Flyer combo will ease you into the evening with slower-paced scares, with adventures closer to the ground. Whilst the Monsters will still be wandering, hop on the Terror Coaster and use the built-in controls to go at your own pace. Take on Fear Flyer for a more chilled-out zipping experience, the smaller alternative to our Big Zip. The perfect option for children or adults dipping their toes into the world of adventure. 

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Night Pass – Phoenix

This Night Pass is the ultimate option for an adrenaline junkie looking for the ultimate Halloween thrill. A Phoenix Night Pass will take you soaring through the dead of night at extraordinary speeds, leaving your heart racing and hairs tingling. 

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Those who’d prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground can soak up the Halloween spirits with a Spectator Pass, available from just £5.

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When and where?

Monsters of the Mine will take place from the 13th of October until the 1st of November. 7:00pm-10:30pm.

Located at Zip World Tower in Aberdare, South Wales, this spooky adventure hub is less than an hour's drive from Cardiff and Swansea, and just over an hour from Bristol. Set in a former Coal Mine, this location is ideal for those looking for a Halloween spook-fest with a difference.

Address: Zip World Tower, Hirwaun, CF44 9UF

Who’s it for?

Monsters of the Mine is ideal for those on both ends of the scaredy cat scale, with tickets to suit every kind of Monster hunter. But beware, this event is not for the faint-hearted and visitors must be at least 9+.

If you're looking for a unique and immersive Halloween experience in South Wales, book your tickets by clicking HERE.

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