blas ar antur yn Chwarel y Penrhyn

Mae Chwarel y Penrhyn ger mynyddoedd trawiadol Eryri yng Ngogledd Cymru, a hon oedd y chwarel lechi fwyaf yn y byd ar un adeg. Nawr mae’r chwarel yn gartref i'r wifren wib gyflymaf y byd, Velocity, lle gallwch hedfan 500m uwchlaw llyn glas llachar y chwarel. Cewch ddysgu am hanes y lleoliad ar Daith Chwarel y Penrhyn neu wylio’r antur o Fwyty Blondin. Os ydych chi’n chwilio am leoliad corfforaethol ychydig yn wahanol, mae'r Galeri yn fan cyfarfod sydd â golygfa heb ei hail.

5 antur yn y lleoliad yma

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What is a Summit site?

Unlock your full potential at a Zip World Summit site; from the world’s fastest zip line, to the UK’s only underground bouncy playground, the ultimate experience awaits on our world-class Summit sites; the best-of-the-best when it comes to unique, extraordinary adventure activities, restaurants and facilities.

Step into a whole new world and soak up the stunning locations, some of which are based in world-heritage status areas, and enjoy the thrill of adventure in a breath-taking space you’ve never before experienced. Unlock your potential and push yourself to embark on a truly epic, memorable adventure that will leave you feeling accomplished. Enjoy everything the site has to offer, including exceptional food and beverage options, comfortable facilities, and WiFi.

Ble ydym ni?

Chwarel Lechi'r Penrhyn, ger Bethesda yng Ngogledd Cymru, yw cartref Zip World Velocity – gwifren wib gyflymaf y byd, a'r hiraf yn Ewrop! Cewch wylio’r ‘gwibwyr’ yn hedfan heibio yn ein hardal gwylio, mynd ar daith o amgylch y chwarel ar un o'n tryciau coch enwog, neu fod yn ddewr a rhoi cynnig ar Zip World Velocity eich hun!


Zip World Penrhyn Quarry
Bethesda, LL57 4YG

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Chwarae, bwyta, yfed

Bwyty Blondin

Mae Bwyty Blondin yn Zip World, Chwarel y Penrhyn, Bethesda yn fwyty bistro, modern sydd â bwydlen o gynnyrch ffres, lleol.

Cashless site (card payments only) Cashless site (card payments only)
Parcio am ddim Parcio am ddim
Toiledau Toiledau
Bwyty, caffi a bar ar gael ym Mwyty Blondin Bwyty, caffi a bar ar gael ym Mwyty Blondin
Llwyfan gwylio yn yr Orsaf Antur Llwyfan gwylio yn yr Orsaf Antur
Ardal gwylio gyda meinciau picnic Ardal gwylio gyda meinciau picnic
Pecynnau fideo a llun ar gael (mae cost ychwanegol yn berthnasol) Pecynnau fideo a llun ar gael (mae cost ychwanegol yn berthnasol)
Lleoliad ar gyfer cyfarfodydd a digwyddiadau Lleoliad ar gyfer cyfarfodydd a digwyddiadau
Gofal anifeiliaid anwes (tymhorol) Gofal anifeiliaid anwes (tymhorol)
Siop Siop
Loceri ar gael - £ 1 Loceri ar gael - £ 1

As close to flying as you can get

Oh what fun we had! Zip world was sooo much fun. An extremely slick operation and the staff were so helpful and professional. I can’t say in words what it was like but i will be going back.

Star Rating

50th Birthday Present

On a recent holiday to see my daughter in England, she took me ziplining at Zip World in Wales for my impending 50th birthday later this year. OMG! Although being a bit nervous at first, this whole adrenaline pumping experience was awesome. Great set up with professional helpful staff who were informative in explaining each step. The views are breathtaking - from the ride up the quarry to the actual zipline ride itself. Highly recommend.

Star Rating


Loved this ride and recommend anyone daring enough to go for it, old or young, I did it as a pensioner and would love to do it again.

Star Rating

Amazing experience

Cannot recommend Zipworld highly enough. We booked this for my daughters birthday and it was an unqualified success. The staff were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. The ride itself was fantastic - a real adrenaline rush. And the restaurant was very good too.

Star Rating

Amazing is an understatement!!

What an exhilarating experience. This is amazing. The whole Zip oexperience was well explained, the safety second to none and the adrenaline rush is brilliant... be ready for a real thrill.. we will definitely be back to ride again!!

Star Rating

Amazing experience!

We had an amazing time at Zip World. We booked tickets for Velocity 2 for a birthday gift & had the best time.  We were a group of 4 so went on the lines together at the same time which was great fun.  The experience started off with a safety briefing before getting our suits & harnesses and making our way to the first zip. After completing the first zip we were taken up to the top one in a little bus, stopping off on the way up to see some of the views and realise how high you are getting. The big zip was amazing - so high up and its such a surreal experience flying over the quarry at such speed. The staff were great - very safety conscious & friendly.  We took our own Go Pro to film the experience - if doing so make sure you take a head strap to go over the helmet (or you can buy one there for £8.00). The ones that Zip World have are for Garmins.  We had a fab time & would highly recommend doing this!

Star Rating

Cofiwch y gallwn i farw neu fod yn ddifrifol wael pan fyddwch yn fy ngadael mewn car poeth. Gall tymheredd y car fod ddwywaith yn gynhesach na’r tymheredd tu allan!


Doggy Day Care

Our pets are very important to us here at Zip World so we wanted to make sure there is somewhere safe for your canine companions while you enjoy our adventures.

There is constant supervision by an experienced and professional team so your dog is never left alone!

Pre-booking is required, you will not be able leave your dog on the day without having already guaranteed a booking.

o £10 cysylltwch i archebu i neu i gael rhagor o wybodaeth

Mae gennym 6 leoliad arall sy’n llawn pethau i'w gwneud!

rhagor o wybodaeth