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CYNNIG GWAHARDDOL AR-LEIN Ydych chi'n byw mewn ardal cod post 'LL'? Fel diolch am fod y cymdogion gorau o gwmpas, rydyn ni'n cynnig 50% i chi oddi ar eich antur Zip World pan fyddwch chi'n cymryd rhan o'r 2il Medi 2019 i'r 18fed Hydref 2019 - dim dal, rydyn ni eisiau i chi i gyd ddod draw i fwynhau beth sydd gennym i'w gynnig! Hawliwch eich cod promo isod. 2il Medi i'r 18fed Hydref * Mae T & Cs yn berthnasol - gweler isod.

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*Telerau ac Amodau

Zip World Locals’ Loyalty Promotion

  • Customers who sign up and qualify for the Zip World Locals’ Loyalty promotion will be eligible to book any Zip World adventure online for 50% off, where the adventure is scheduled to take place on any day between 2nd September 2019 and the 18th October 2019.
  • Customers can redeem this promotion by entering a valid promotional code during the checkout process on the Zip World website. These unique promotional codes will be displayed to eligible customers once they have entered their details.
  • Only customers who live in the LL postcode area are eligible for the promotion.
  • We reserve the right to ask for proof of address at check in before the adventure takes place (accepted forms of ID include utility bills and driving licences) to confirm eligibility for the promotion. If proof of address is not available, you will have the option to pay the difference to the standard adventure price to take part in your booking.
  • If a booking is postponed by Zip World, you will be entitled to re-book onto another date within the promotional period.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and is not valid when used with "2 for 1" tickets
  • This promotion does not apply to the purchase of gift vouchers.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time and without notice
  • All Zip World adventure bookings are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee the availability of specific adventures during the promotional period
  • All Zip World adventures have their own specific terms, conditions and restrictions. Please check these beforehand to ensure the adventure you are purchasing is suitable.
  • Standard Zip World Terms and Conditions also apply.

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