Zip World Welsh Language Policy

Zip World’s dream of creating extraordinary experiences was born in North Wales and will always remain at the heart of the business. The North Walian culture and environment combined has been the catalyst for the massive growth since its conception in 2013. This policy lays out Zip World’s work to date in supporting Welsh language and the goals going forward.


Zip World foster a culture where the first question asked is ‘how can we make this an extraordinary guest experience’?  An intrinsic part of this extraordinary experience is the passion of delivery from the Zip World team. 

With, on average, 70% of the Zip World team living within 5 miles of work, the employment opportunities for the area have grown massively as the company has grown.  Paying well over the minimum wage for many roles, Welsh speaking locals have the opportunity for well-paid roles with on the job training in their local area.


Welsh Speaking Team Members

Zip World prides itself on the number of the team that are Welsh speaking.  They are always happy to check you in, deliver briefings and other communications in Welsh.  You will know who they are by the ‘Cymraeg’ badge.



As of April 2017, all new signage on all Zip World sites is produced bilingually.  As the transition phase takes place, all briefing boards are available at reception to read in Welsh.

Welsh will always appear first where possible.



A bilingual website will be launched with the new Zip World website. 



A key part of Zip World’s culture is to support local sporting clubs within the local community.  Support for numerous clubs, such as Nant Conwy Rugby Club and Blaenau Ffestiniog Gynmastics club, to name a couple, has helped them progress from regional success to national.  Zip World feels giving these opportunities is an intrinisic part of supporting the local community and its language.


Welsh Translation

Zip World always uses a professional translation service.  It feels it is imperative to offer the highest quality copy in both Welsh and English so will always do its utmost to do this.


Printed Marketing Material

Zip World produces its marketing material in a bilingual format wherever it can.  If it is not deemed feasible, a digital version in Welsh will always be available to download from the website.


Policy Monitoring

The Zip World Welsh Language Policy is consistently developing and evolving.  The most up to date copy will always be available on the website.

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