Penrhyn Slate Quarry, located near Bethesda in North Wales, is now home to Zip World Velocity, the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe.  Enjoy the view of adrenaline seeking zippers from our viewing area, experience the Quarry Tour on one of our famous red trucks, or take on Zip World Velocity itself!

Zip World Penrhyn Quarry and the Velocity adventure is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through the winter.  There is always a Zip World site open though!

We are open on 14th and 15th February though, so come and experience Velocity with your loved one!

Penrhyn Quarry history

At the end of the nineteenth century it was the world's largest slate quarry; the main pit is nearly 1.6 km long and 370 metres deep, and it was worked by nearly 3,000 quarrymen.  It has since been superseded in size by slate quarries in China, Spain and the USA.  Penrhyn is still Britain's largest slate quarry but its workforce is now nearer 200.

Zip World HQ

With the massive success and expansion of the Zip World Group, our operations need a HQ and on site facilities at Zip World Penrhyn to match.  Planning permission has been granted for a £3 million HQ that will include a state of the art restaurant, viewing area, shop, conference room and offices.  The construction will provide work to local firms and tradesmen and will employ even more locals when it opens in early 2017.

On-site facilities

  • Free car parking
  • Toilets
  • Refreshments available from kiosk
  • Viewing area with picnic benches (currently limited indoor space)
  • Photographs (additional cost applies)