Zip World Swabbing for Cancer

We're now a registration partner of DKMS, joining them on the fight against blood cancer!

Are you on the list?

We recently had the pleasure of hosting DKMS at Zip World Base Camp where Lisa from DKMS trained our team so that we are now able to swab people so they can be added to the donor register. 

DKMS is a charity dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. Their mission is to provide a matching donor for every blood cancer patient in need of a blood stem cell donation.

Jules Peters from Love Hope Strength started the day by talking to the team about LHS's origins. Her moving stories solidified our belief that LHS is a charity we are proud to work with on Snowdonia and Zip World Rocks.


What does this mean?

When you visit any of our sites, if you tell a member of our team that you want to volunteer to be a donor, we can perform the swabbing and get you added. 

Registering as a donor means that you would be on standby to save the life of a patient such as Peter, an 40 year old father of two or Chloe, a seven year old from Sunderland. Currently there are no matches anywhere in the world for these patients.

All it takes is a simple swabbing of your cheeks which is then sent off and voila! You are a registered donor. 


We hope you support us on this journey and if you're visiting one of our sites and would like to help us save lives, let a member of staff know and get on the list!

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